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EG1 question
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Author EG1 question
Just got my envelope generator kit... I noticed that there's a notice on Blacet's "tech corner" saying that

"If you have recently purchased an EG1 kit, check the 4046 IC for a Fairchild logo (F). If you see any other brand, it may not work properly in the circuit. The indicator LED for the Time Base will blink normally at the shortest TB setting but stop blinking at any other setting. The TB itself will work OK; it's just the indicator that's the problem. E-mail us for a replacement IC if necessary. "

Well... mine's got an ON logo (N). Anybody have any experience here? Is the item on Blacet's tech corner out of date? If not, is it, in your opinions, a big enough deal to require me to stop the press and exchange the IC?

Oh, and one other thing that has me confused... My kit's missing the IC LM317L TO-92 (Regulator +adj). In the notes section of the parts list, though, the following is printed: "ON semi only 11 ICs." Since I have only 11 IC's (thanks to the presumably missing Regulator +adj), am I in the clear? Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind about the IC LM317L TO-92 question. Turns out that it's not packed with the other IC's-- it's much smaller and had me thinking that it was a conventional transistor.

Goes to show that it's sometimes best to look through _all_ of the components, rather than just those that you expect.

Anyway, the other question (about the ON IC) is still up in the air.
Muff Wiggler
the tech corner posting on blacet's website has been there a really long time i do believe... and John is in my experience pro enough that he would have stopped shipping the incorrect IC from the moment he found the problem and posted the tech corner bit to the website

but that doesn't matter - in either case if i'm right or wrong about that, you should do the same thing - build the module and then look for the problem with the TB LED indicator

as it states, the issue doesn't affect the operation of the module whatsoever, just the way the indicator light looks. so build it up, and i betcha you won't have the problem

but if you do, just email john for a replacement IC. your module will be working fine in the meantime anyway, and you really don't need that light for the TB indicator all that much

Excellent. I'll go ahead and get it built and see what happens. I agree-- I've had nothing but a professional experience from Blacet so far, and expect that there probably won't be a problem.

Thanks for the help!

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