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The Journeyman has returned
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Author The Journeyman has returned
A new issue of my Journeyman diode ring filter is now available. More information, including samples, panel downloads and pictures, at the usual place:

This is a significant new upgrade. The following items have been changed:

1. 16mm Alpha/ALPS pots as standard.

2. Will now accept our optional Sock4 socket board for easy wiring to the panel.

3. Cut-off frequency is less liable to wander over time and temperature.

4. Reduced effects from power supply noise. This shouldn't be a problem anyway but I did notice that some noisy modules like the old issue 1 Oakley VC-LFO did tend to 'infect' the output of the issue 1 Journeyman if placed near to it.

5. Reduced mains hum pick up. Again, most older units wouldn't have had this problem unless they were placed physically close to a power supply. The new issue 2 board reduces this pick up to a minimum.

6. Only one THAT300 is used so the unit is cheaper to build.

7. Added resonance trim pot to allow for user setting of when self oscillation takes place.

8. The CV breakthrough trimmer (BAL) now works really well so CV breakthrough can be minimised to a greater degree.

9. Less of a volume jump when switching from LPF and HPF.

10. No appreciable volume drop as cut-off frequency goes above 20kHz.

The User Manual will appear on site in the next few days.

It's peanut butter jelly time! thanks Tony!

All these new goodies! I better try and save up for a big order. Mr. Green

Guinness ftw!
Xart ! thumbs up
Going to be a while as funds have dried up seriously, i just don't get it
Need to sell some of the MU I have on offer first

Also other modules will precede this I’m going to have 3 MU filters by the end of the month need to get some balance

It's motherfucking bacon yo dancing Bacon NICE It's motherfucking bacon yo

The Journeyman is one awesome VCF already!
Dr Gris
Digging up an old thread instead of starting a new...

Is it possible to mod the older one so the jump in volume between HP and LP is less drastic?

Dr Gris wrote:
Is it possible to mod the older one so the jump in volume between HP and LP is less drastic?

Change R13 to 150R.

Dr Gris
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