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first bugular live performance
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Author first bugular live performance
My first bugular performance: a piece I performed last night at the MANTIS festival in Manchester to a small but apprecitive audience. Starts slow but by the end it goes somewhere quite interesting I think. I was using just an e350 and 2 PT delays, an LFO and a joystick, then loads of serge recordings and various shit, including Chet Baker, run from Ableton Live. You can't tell what is what but then, niether could I

Tom kindly leant me some UTL2s for the gig which was nice

sorry for any dodgy linking - wordpress is not behaving.

Its free to download if you would like.
Listening to minute 11 right now - great work Richard - like the way your mixing everything up - Guinness ftw!
That was a real treat Richard, especially the dog barking during the lounge singer.

Real interesting, thanks for sharing.
Richard, that was realy great. You are so good at putting this sort of stuff together. Would love to catch a live show one day.

we're not worthy
Great stuff! Especially enjoyed the middle part including sax.
thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback

the piece was a bit of a mashup in celebration of it being 20 years since I started my connection with manchester. It was also my first gig with Ableton, which proves almost perfect for this sort of thing. The sax you hear is either a contrabass clarinet (plundered from a old Anthony Braxton recording) or a processed shakuhachi (from Clive Bell) derived from some older records of mine; The Magnificence of Stereo and Wood Wind Tide.

Maybe I should quit when I'm ahead, but its part of a Manchester-themed trilogy actually. A piece from last year about ghosts and death and superficial commercialization is here: k/

and a somewhat apeshit fake orchestral piece with a industrial revolution theme is here:

enjoy, if indeed that is word smile
'fucking progress' - highly enjoyable thumbs up
your a damn wildman Richard - thanks
Nice work Richard!
richard, sick stuff! LOVE IT! I love how you build up and then deconstruct things.

this is just a personal wish / criticism - maybe you can build up some head nodding beats somewhere in the middle for like half minute, and the deconstruct again.

Love it!

Could you post a pic of your bugbrand modular too? Thanks!
Impressive work!
thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it: it was a bit of leap in the dark for me really, felt a bit like juggling spaghetti

as for the groove comment, well I'm not against that and I do it sometimes but it does tend to easily overdominate in a piece like this. Finding a way to imply it or hint at it without actually stating it would be interesting - I have pieces where I did that successfully i think.

almost all my favorite music has a strong groove - james Brown, Sly stone, Lee perry, Sunny Ade, autechre - so I'm very interested in integrating that aspect into my electracoustic music, but I have an allergy to loops and most of what what passes for electronica these days. So its a question I'd like to solve, but I don't think I've got there yet!

I just got a cirklon after not having a real sequencer for a couple of years. Cirklon + bugbrand + serge - something good has to come out of that right?

we'll see nanners
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