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I think I broke my .WAV player
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Author I think I broke my .WAV player
I was playing around with stuff and then I noticed the .WAV player was only playing the fist second of the wave. The loop size knob does not seem to affect anything and the loop size LED is really dim and is dim no matter what I do. Everything else with it seems to be fine.

Anyone else have something like this happen?
Andre' is always very helpful.
Contact him directly...
I played the whole day with mine and found the following:

when loading some very long files (mine was 30mb), the load LED stays red after blinking as in "error". it is possible to play the file, but knobs have no effect on the playback.
after shortening the length to about 4 mb, wave player behaved as it should.

I hope that it helps.
I too have noticed strange things when loading real long or short files. I often can't get them to fire in order either. Not a big deal for the style I do, but I have never figured out why... Best of luck with your issue, Andre is the best!
is the switch in the 'manual' position when you're turning the knob with your hand to look for changes in the sound and LED?
that's changes in the sound when the switch in on manual or CV. there was also no change in the dim LED either.

I have only used pretty short samples. 10seconds long at the most. turning the knob has had no effect on the sound or LED.

I bet I plugged something in that blew it! great....
Did you try with another fresh formatted SC Card?
I have noticed strange things too with some bad cards...
I fixed it with a little help from andre!

while playing with it (the wave player that is) I noticed that while unplugging a cable from the loop size jack the LED would light up for a second. then somehow I figured out that if I applied pressure to the circuit board it would work. andre sugested there was an issue with the switch and he was right. I just resoldred it and it worked fine. I don't totally understand what caused that to happen but I'm glad it was something simple. thumbs up

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