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Wacky CTL Behavior is Good
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Author Wacky CTL Behavior is Good
Reese P. Dubin
Why the heck does this happen?

My CTL rsponds to normal pulses by stepping left or right as switched. HOWEVER when I clock it with the Random/S&H output of the Haible LFO (from the filter) it not only seems to step in each direction but not sequentially. Just all over the place.

Now I consider this a BIG positive. I just want to understand why. My CGS programmer doesnt act this way at all. It steps in the intended direction when the output reaches its trigger threshold ( I think).

I wish I had a TKB size CTL.
Could it be that the pulse isn't narrow enough?

Sometimes, when I try to clock the CTL1 to an external signal, it seems to skip steps now and then, but in reality is just quickly passing them due to the width of the trigger.
If it appears to be stepping in both directions that would suggest to me that it is stepping through several steps - ie it is moving left but jumps three so appears to move right.

The clock input does pass through a comparator with threshold of approx +1V (just had a quick look at the CGS and it is pretty similar).

What is the typical output range/wave of the Random/S&H? I would imagine that if it is a 0 to +10v waveform but which is changing semi-randomly above and below the trigger threshold then that may appear to give chaotic stepping.

Stepping should be fine with any signal that rises above 1v (ie everything pretty much), though I do tend to use clock/gates as standard. One way I go for less straight clocking is to combine two clocks with a logic gate (CLK3A) - I always like to get away from straight 4/4.

A TKB size version would be awesome and I'd like to do at least an 8 stage sometime. It is as always a question of time -- I still need to get the regular one back into production by bringing the design up to Rev.2 status.
^ a little link cable/port to combine mutliple ctl's would make me do a sexy dance........
Reese P. Dubin
Sounds great.

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