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Look Mum no drum machine!
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Author Look Mum no drum machine!
Had some fun today making drum sounds for a jam session, using the Divisions modules, triple logic and passive switches for creating the patterns and to do fills.

For the kick I used an SV filter in LP mode, pinged from the division output, about 75% resonance and fairly low cutoff frequency.

For the snare I used 2x Utility VCO, tri output from 1 into FM input of second, output from second to SVF in BP mode, an envelope was used to open the VCA and sweep the frequency of VCO1, a bit of resonance on the BP adds a bit of bit, switching to LP almost sounds like a real snare.

For the hi hats, weevil ringmod output in SVF in HP mode, into VCA triggered by an ENV1 which was being pinged from Division, a slower division was fed into ENV1 decay CV to simulate open hat on certain beats.

Anyway, added a few other bits and made a quick video thumbs up
sounds great! i love those hi-hats.
dude, 20 years ago, if you approached Warp records with this they would have said "it's tricky disco!"

that's a tasty kick you got there - me likey!
Very, very nice, Daren.
Is heard the rumours but now I see for myself... come on guys, that's an 8 frame bug rack right there! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Well done
I appreciated those woody sounds the most (present in the first 30sec, reappearing in higher tempo here and there). Like speedy xylophone playing.
nice! and yeah those hats are awesome!
Thanks chaps thumbs up

The woody sounds are 2 square waves into bal mod, then to LPG and PT delay. Bass is sawtooth into the wonderful and versatile SV filter.

Andy - sequencing boot foundations!

It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time!
Daren is an utter master of beats - I find it gobsmackingly wonderful to see & hear the results of the (growing) system under Daren's control.

Now, let's get some more rhythmic modules developed so we can fill up the 2nd 4Frame!
Thanks Guinness ftw! Can't wait to see where this leads thumbs up

Oh, forgot to mention a great little tip I was going to pass on, if you make the hi-hat patch as described above, one of the stair outputs of the binary divisions can be utilised as a kind of flanger type effect (well not quite a flanger but nice cyclic movement) when fed into one of the CV inputs of the weevil, or if you want a more dramatic version feed it into the starve input.

You could also try using both of the stair ouputs into different inputs on the weevil, anyway give it a try it sounds f'in ace hihi
Love it - great work! thumbs up
Two 4-frames: the Bug Brand to rule them all?!?

darenager wrote:
You could also try using both of the stair ouputs into different inputs on the weevil, anyway give it a try it sounds f'in ace hihi

Yeah - I've been trying the staircase outputs to do similar things-- controlling either an FM oscillator or a sync arrangement - also those Weevil hats are very persuasive. Makes me wish I'd bought one (weevil, that is) when they were in production.

Nice! Very special sounding snare drum, borderline classic! Great job on the open hi hat as well. What goes in to the ring mod for this one? Just noise?

Frank - Weevil is awesome, get one when they are relaid/redone, I could easily use 3 in a patch, so useful, clocking, quasi noise, random/semi random gates, the list goes on.

Snoop - No noise generator, for the hats its basically 3 squares ringmodded together, tuned carefully for slight beating/dissonance then filtered. The snare has no noise either, just using the resonance to add a bit of emphasis.

The SV filter has got to be the most versatile filter I have ever used, amazing thing! That it sounds great is the icing on the cake hihi
yet another reason i want the bug infestation in my studio
Nice job!
Guinness ftw!

Same basic patch but different sequences, also using the stair/flange thing on the hi-hats, ballsed up the mix a bit but didn't notice at the time (long day of jammin' hihi tired ears) Don't think the encoding was too kind either hmmm.....

Nice Daren - good sounds - SYN 1 - gaping hole in my system !!!! As always your creativity is appreciated !
Really cool stuff. I always enjoy your videos.
Thanks guys thumbs up
Echoing all the "great stuff" replies... love this
very cool dan! 8_)
blue_lu wrote:
very cool dan! 8_)

I think you mean Daren!
(Hence Andy's very funny and apt video)
Mr. Green

Actualy its all a lie, Darren has been stealing my secret videos and posting them as his own for years..... Its actually me who is a super talented producer... Its time people new the truth.
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