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New Blacet Modules & Klang Werk's are back!
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Author New Blacet Modules & Klang Werk's are back!
Muff Wiggler
Great news from John Blacet today!!!
Cool, was I one of the first to get the new KlangWerks? John actually sent me an email a month or two ago letting me know he had just finished them up and I ordered one directly from him at that point. Now I finally have a klangwerk! smile

Yay for Blacet! smile
Yeah-- I'm really wanting a Klang Werk... However, I've never heard any samples of one. Rather than buy one just based on the legends I've heard about the Klang Werk, I'd like to hear for myself. Can anyone point me to a demo of a Klang Werk at work?
i still suck at the klangwerk- i really dont understand all the features.

but, these i do understand and they are useful:

1. a 10x signal preamp (boost line levels to modular)
2. onboard oscillator

It also has some kind of envelope generator thingy.
also maybe some waveshaping on the internal oscillator? (wave switch)

anyway, running a drum machine straight into it gives awesome new tones for later sampling and overlaying. i think the klangwerk is so useful because it is very full featured for only one module (high functional density).
just ordered one this morning! i'm sure i'll be posting dumb questions about it in the near future.
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