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Bugbrand video synthesis modules?
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Author Bugbrand video synthesis modules?
Somehow I just found out about the Video Synthesis subforum. Very interesting. I stumbled on a thread where Tom mentioned he used to do something video related, and Daren teased about a possibility of a Bugbrand version of video modules. Kidding aside, What do you guys think of this idea?

Certainly not intending to pull Tom away from designing other wonderful modules, but one or two modules, patchable with other regular Bugbrand audio (yes, banansa please), to create a uniquely bugglitchy visual can be awesome, right? hmmm.....
I did a one-off & very chaotic vid-box two or three years ago for the guy who does visuals for one of THE major Bristol(sound) bands.

Asked recently to do something more for further touring this summer and I would have loved to, but time does not allow - so I was looking at getting him set up with a small LZX system. (partly so I'd then get at least a little time playing with the system!)

Yeah, it is something I would LOVE to have time to investigate, but I just don't think anything will happen due to having so many other projects on the go.

I also got re-interested in 'Oscillographics' after the recent Radiophonic Workshop weekend. Made a little phase-shift & RM test module to continue investigations - old stuff I did:

Wow, I didn't know you can make an oscillator do that! Ha, yes, I guess it'll be impossible for any video modules, with everything going on now – I'd rather you finish the new Weevil myself. love
I am a complete noob on video synthesis, so I'm sure you'd want to take more advice from others, but I did drop US $99 on one of these:

which is a fairly simple entry-level device which can deliver some interesting patterns with relatively little effort. I've currently got mine hooked up to my Bug system. As might be expected, simpler sounding things make clearer patterns, so there's a trade-off depending on whether you're after sonics or visuals (though if you have enough modules, of course it's possible to patch up a sub section of the synth just for generating interesting looking stuff).

I haven't really explored the other options out there, though I suspect eventually there will be more video synthesis stuff in my future...!

Thanks for the recommendation. thumbs up That looks like a fun little box. Love the psychedelic color. I should try that and see how things go. Thanks again!
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