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DC Mixer
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Author DC Mixer
How many DC Mixer modules do you have in your system? I often sum and "tune" four outputs from the CLK2A to Syn2A, and one dual DC mixer is barely enough. I'm thinking about the second dual DC mixer already, although I haven't fill up my second rack yet. Is this usual? confused
Although not Bugbrand specific, I find a need for DC mixers way more than audio mixers in general.

srsly never (and DC mixers!)
I run 2 mixers in mine, find them really useful. Have you thought about the Matrix mixer as a second mixer, depends on rack space though as its 3FW.
2 here as well as matrix, don't worry it's fine, I have a similar dilema with SV filters (and actually Tom's stuff in general) lol

EDIT Don't forget the LFO/DC mix module if space is an issue thumbs up
I've got one UTL4 in 6u. I use it in something like 95% of my patches.
I'd like another one further on.
I have a UTL4- 2 mixers from the DD2's and a UTL2C Matrix - I think the Matrix is great for what you want to do - Passive and or Active switches would give you options for more sequences -
Thanks for the comments and suggestions, everyone. Great to know that I'm still normal (or normaled? hihi)
I don't have an LFO, so the LFO/DC Mixer combination is nice. By the way, just got a call that the passive switches arrived It's peanut butter jelly time!! But now I'm down to 5 spaces waah
Many mentioned the Matrix, and, yes!! But not this shit again, space, the final frontier! If (hey, notice I don't use "when"!) rack #3 happens,... (Why do I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle of staying 2 racks??)
I have 4 currently, though none in my portable rack as I use a pair of dual lpg's for v/c mixing.

re racks, you do know that 3 is the magic number
very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating
On a second thought, I might just suck it up and get the Matrix (the more I think about it, the more I see how it will help) & Weevil and yes there go all five spaces. But I still have a secret weapon: take the passive switch out and patch it off rack. There, one more free space razz
^ Then the space you saved by removing the passive switch can be filled with the seq switch later, and bingo sequencing heaven thumbs up
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