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Our first euro modules in the works!! "Stynk Eye"
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Author Our first euro modules in the works!! "Stynk Eye"
Well I've decided to start my own line of euro modules!! these will be... quite unique in function and my vision is to build a system made of modules for a skiff performance desktop box. (which we will be offering our own cases and enclosures as well) These will of coarse be all etched panels and etc.... I'll give more info in the coming weeks wink
WTB Angry Cupcake.
funny you mention the angry cupcake, you might be soon able to get one of those too, but from someone else.... even tho im working with him on those wink
sounds very interesting. there going to be some kind of touchplate controller or something as part of it?
mwahaha, can't say yet. wink
however I will say... that the first module of 3 we're working on can be "played" or "orchestrated" by your hand.... a small kitten, or even a cup of coffee. 2nd module isn't as exciting but something I feel there is a need for in euro, and the 3rd is something just wicked cool. When I get some audio samples together I will post them on here as well as the actual module name when i decide smile
tragedybysyntax wrote:
funny you mention the angry cupcake, you might be soon able to get one of those too, but from someone else.... even tho im working with him on those wink


Has to be one of the coolest panel graphics I have ever seen, especially with those glowing angry eyes.
awww shux!!!! thanks alot bro, I need to create some time so i can actually get that 4u panel done wired up, hahah.
why so secret! share share share!
I'll have audio up prolly this week!
I'd blab more but I gotta make sure it's cool with the guy that's designing this with me smile

However tonight I'll upload a shot of the finish I think I'm going to use on the modules. It was something I came up with while working on Chris winkles sun panel.
when the stranger licks your balls in a forest can you hear yourself clapping?
lol, dude.....
So something like this if I decide to go copper.

Something like this if I go aluminum smile
"I got a secret. but i can't tell you"

Low-Gain wrote:
"I got a secret. but i can't tell you"


Bastard. Consider yourself waterboarded and spill the beans angry
Okay... twisted
So... since my days of circuit bending and spending hours with my photo theremin, I've been fascinated with Light Dependant Resistors. So I approached Thomas O' Connor about my ideas and he happened to already be working on something similar to what I wanted except... WAY COOLER!!!
We're still working on tweaks... and soon will be getting some proto boards to mockup for vids/interest but.. 4 LDRS. 3 for the osc's and then one for the Lfo rate.

its a wierd set-up, basically its a VCO & LFO
but not like normal ones. The VCO actually runs at 3X the frequency of the
pitch we hear, so, each VCO cycle actually has 3 phases & each of those
is actually the output of another oscillator -> the ones the LDRs control


more light = more oscillations in each phase of the VCO cycle = more
harmonics / brighter sound
less light = less oscillations in each phase = less harmonics / darker
sound (all the way down to silence or intermittant clicks in total


the pitch is stable! you can play a riff & then use your hand to alter
the timbre, those 3 LDRs can be thought of as one, but because they
aren't its alot more chaotic because the resistance of each LDR will
be similar, but, never identical & you can stick your finger over one
to dull one phase of the waveform & shit like that

I mentioned an LFO tho didn't I... this is where it gets really confusing,
our LFO won't be modding pitch or anything boring like that, its
actually modulating
the data used to build the output waveform!! & with a switch it
becomes a fucked up fuzz
for the audio input & that signal gets sampled.

so, in my resistance to 1/8" mini jacks but at the same time realizing everyone in euro is all about those damn things... we're going to use 1/8" for the audio in/out and then bananas for the cv/frequency in. Also... I'm laying out a little 4hp banana>mini jack panel to sit next to the LDR monster.
specifications subject to change without notice (rhyme or reason)


playing with electrons in the dark.

Now I'm gonna go juggle me some knives zombie zombie
oh shit...

more DGTom madness hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper
Got a weevil hidden in there??? wink
mwahaha!!!!!! twisted
Nice work guys! applause
I was thinking Tom had been a bit quiet lately
nrdvrgr wrote:
Got a weevil hidden in there??? wink

very much from the weevil / nic collins / lunetta gene pool, this vid is the more extreme end of this ccts. range because I'm feeding a little of the output back into the audio input. Doing the same thing with the CV in gives a slightly differant type of angry modem sex noise.
Totally mad. Love it.
Soy Sos
Big up bros! Sounds like a lot of fun!
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