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STG sea devil Vs Asys Synthi filter??
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Author STG sea devil Vs Asys Synthi filter??
Hey people , sorry if this is a double post or anything but here goes.
I have an Asys Synthi filter and think its a pretty good approximation of the ems sound but isn't quite as nasal or saturated as i would like , just wondering if the STG sea devil is a bit closer in sound.
And also how the response of it works , i do like the Asys filter better with the capacitor to slew incoming voltages switched in , on the STG is it always there?

cheers chaps
It's peanut butter jelly time!
I am not able to offer any first-person comparisons but I will say that the idea of these two modules is totally diiferent.

The AS module is designed as an "all in one" function-oriented approximation of the VCS3 filter, but mine is definitely a bit of an interpretation ... as if there was a parallel timeline where EMS made euro modules and the filter was more based on the Synthi 100 version.

I think mine's cooler because it has larger and coloured knobs and a more EMS style appearance but maybe you'd prefer the larger featureset of the AS module. The SDF also benefits from a 1v/oct response on the main inputs, .5v/oct response on the amount input, and is optimised for conventional 10v p-p signal levels.

I've never been able to compare them firsthand and never either against any actual EMS gear. I can tell you with total confidance that neither are going to make your modular sound like a VCS3 any more than a "moog filter" is going to make your system sound like a IIIC.
Hey thanks for that
So the SDF is an interpretation of the filter not a straight clone or anything?
i do realise that im not going to get a modular to sound like a vcs3 if i wanted one though i would seek one out , i more like the flavour of the diode sound and the behaviour of the slewed input voltages , so i am right in assuming that the stg doesnt have that (the slewed frequency voltages?) which i suppose could be quite easily mimicked by using a slew generator on the voltages going into it.
i think i will pick one up and see how i like the sound will probably be the only way to really test , will post a video hopefully of the results , may be helpful for other people?
It's not a "clone" because it's no longer part of a vcs3 and the original transistors are unavailable. The capacitors in the ladder are still ceramic though, and other than the chages made to just make it work in a system (buffering and fine-tuning input/output levels mainly) it's pretty much the same thing. That cap that slews the CV is gone because you can use a slew module for that if you want and it's not in the Synthi 100 filter.

I really dislike the word "clone" because once you remove a circuit from its context it ceases to be the same thing. I think the term is misleading unless you're talking about a module that looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.
No problem i completely understand , it looks really cool and the demo's sound interesting , when i get it i will do a shootout , my suspicion is that they will both be awesome and a tad different , i like in a way that the STG is more like the synthi 100 filter than the VCS3 that everyones trying to copy and will be great to have more diode flavor in my rack. its cool too that its a new interpretation of the diode design , thanks very much for your help smile
What is the best demo of the sea devils filter?

I found some on youtube and that demo track but I would be glad to find some more...
I own a Sea Devils and used to own the Asys. I sold the Asys because while quite accurate, i found it too quiet, especially with no gain adjustment when increasing resonance, which means i found it useless for most of the applications i wanted to use it for. The switch from pre/post '74 was kind of negligible in character too. Arguably, that's my fault for not wanting to add gain stages, but i found it a hindrence.

The STG is not a 1 to 1 clone, and while it shares that same type of topology, it sounds vastly warmer and thicker, to be subjective. It has oodles of character. I am in love with the way this damn thing sounds, and it also has CV over Q response.

edit: Also, fucking diode protection!
visible cow
yeah, the Sea Devils filter is awesome. I'm pretty sure there is a song on the STG site that uses the filter extensively. Cool track.

I want more STG modules, an oscillator, an eg, the whole shebang.
norbert smith
thanks vav for the description, I have one and a plf on the way from..... Germany
visible cow wrote:
I want more STG modules, an oscillator, an eg, the whole shebang.

thank you for your enthusiasm.

it won't be tomorrow, but all these things will happen.
Sea Devils is on my must get list!
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