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post count not updating
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Author post count not updating
I was wondering is it me or is something going on with the post count, as my last bunch of post all have the same post count... 166.
sry if this has been mentioned elsewhere.

It says 167 now!
ooo its just updated, so I no longer get a new number for answering a question or for giving advice or commenting only if I start a new post... ok... I'm fucked lol
It says 168 now.
Yeah seems like an aggregation foo bar somewhere. My post count mysteriously culled after some downtime I'm down below 50 post now?! Dead Banana
There was a system hack/crash - numerous posts about this in the forum discussion sub.
Muff Wiggler
I'm seriously considering removing postcounts completely
Muff Wiggler
Too much hassle, too much complaining? :( I would understand if you did, Mike, but BST is pretty unique and awesome... that being said I just bought my first used module NOT through MW.
Muff Wiggler
Ok not really BST but man the amount of headache that little subforum causes

Here's the deal with post counts. Nothing is wrong or broken. No one is adjusting your count or deleting your stuff.

"Why is it fluctuating then?"

As is written in the BST rules, once a day the BST and WTB subforums automatically "prune" any threads which haven't been replied to in 30 days, deleting the thread and any posts in it.

This should affect the postcount of every user who had posted in the pruned topic. But until recently it didn't. It was misconfigured and it pruned the posts without trimming postscount to match.

After the hack we eventually restored the main forum database with all those missing older threads in it (yay!). While we worked on this a "temporary forum" was running where people put their new posts. When we eventually made the old repaired datbase "live" none of the 'new stuff' was in it.

Chris figured out how to move these missing new posts from the temporary database, reindex them to live within the proper live database, and did so. However post count didn't reflect these injected posts and Chis is a perfectionist. So he ran a query that reindexed everyone's ACTUAL TOTAL REAL POSTS and update the number. This instantly counteracted years of the BST's autopruning feature failing to correctly trim post counts, and many users saw a significant drop in postcount.

The point is that the higher postcount number before this action was not accurate - it represented posts that had long ago been removed by the BST pruning daemon. The new number shown is your actual accurate count of real posts that are in the forum database.

The other thing that's happening is that the issue with auto-pruning not reducing counts has ben fixed. Now every day WTB and BST automatically look for posts with no replies greater than 30 days and kill them, and reduces post counts correctly for every user affected.

Since this happens daily the number of posts being reduced each time is very small, or even none. But it you saw your postcount fail to increment on a post or go down by a small number on any given day, this is why. It's now an accurate representation. Nothing is broken and no-one is stealing your posts
Mr. Green
I used to have twice as many posts as I do now.
I can no longer post in the some of the subforums.
is there any way to fix this or do i just have to post post post?!

I've sold many items in the B/S/T forum and it's irritating to have to start at 100 posts and have people question your legitimate status as a seller.

As has been stated many times, if you're only interest here is your ability to buy and sell stuff, you're doing it wrong. There's lots of other places to buy and sell stuff. Participate here in a positive way, outside of the BST section, and before you know it your post count will be enough for the BST section. And you might even learn something, or help someone else learn something!
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
I'm just responding to this thread to increase my post count (and to cock block sduck). Have a nice day!
Thanks, sduck is misinterpreting. I use all parts of the site, just because I use the marketplace sometimes doesn't make it wrong to be annoyed. Post post post!
There is another thread here explaining how the post counts had been incorrectly calculated before the big hack, and they are now more accurately showing the true totals (plus anything you posted in FS or WTB threads have probably been pruned by now too)
JJCarr wrote:
Thanks, sduck is misinterpreting. I use all parts of the site, just because I use the marketplace sometimes doesn't make it wrong to be annoyed. Post post post!

Don't just post. You have to post where the cool kids hang out.
Hey, I cannot post new topics since my post count is below 2 (just made an account). I do I get post count? through replies and what not? Thanks!
Ways not to bump up your postcount: necrobumping with totally off topic posts.

Ways to bump up your postcount: Post in the introduction threads:
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