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SDF and PL/LPF mods?
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Author SDF and PL/LPF mods?
So I just got my SDF and PL/LPF, and as I was looking over the circuit boards, I noticed a few things:

1. In the PL/LPF, the circuit boards are laid out for matched transistors (like MAT04 or something), but in mine, they've been replaced with discrete devices. Has anyone tried replacing the transistors with matched devices? Does it sound different?

2. In the SDF, the diodes seem to be all 1N914. Has anyone tried replacing them with anything more interesting?
the transistor pads were laid out for THAT arrays as a courtesy by Det3, but it turns out that THAT arrays don't actually work in the circuit!

i generally use 2N5087s, the same transistors as the original ARP filter. 2N3096s are in some and IMHO sound exactly the same.

matching those transistors any further than they come off the reel is just pointless. this isn't a precision device, it's a filter.

i've never replaced those diodes with anything else. a better candidate for diode replacement is probably the wave folder. i've always been a smidgen curious what it would be like with germanium diodes.
That's curious that it doesn't work with the arrays. I'd be interested to find out why. What's the symptom of the failure? If I recall correctly, 2N5087s are high-beta devices... I wonder if the beta of the arrays isn't large enough for the circuit.

Mmm. Germanium diodes. Drunken Homer Simpson So tasty.
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