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StaticDronesBeats project
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Author StaticDronesBeats project
So I started working on the project I alluded to in the static drones beats post from a week ago or so - it's kind of turning in a direction I hadn't anticipated but I think I'm gonna see it through -
I made of bunch of static droney noise beds to build on - this is some of what's coming out


bug modular noise and beats - LOTS of PT Delay

sorry - took these down and blew them up !
Fxxk Yaaaah!!
Great pieces, nice and moody
Awesome Rand thumbs up
eek! Damn, Randy - never thought I'd hear anything like this around here. Very cool! 1st one is dope! thumbs up
...and it's 3.60mn long woah Dead Banana
Hearty concurrence!

While people like me fart around in pure modular land making noises which shift and are fun, Randy takes it to the next step and crafts it all into great tunes.
Random question for Randy - What is your avatar, I keep meaning to ask but always forget, do tell Sir!
thanks for all the positivity everyone --
believe me I DO like farting around too !!! Music is keeping me alive - all of it -

Daren - that avatar is my face -I am a shitty photographer ! I bought a Polaroid SX-70 awhile back ( now in the hands of indexofmetals ! ) - they made a certain kind of film that didn't set right off - so you could squish it around and distort the image - I think the Peter Gabriel Melt album cover was done with this technique
I didn't know crap about light so things came out kinda red
Maybe I'll make an album "Kind of Red " on blue vinyl - it"ll be a Milestone !

This project is coming out way different than I had intended at first - it was going to be more noisy and industrialish - I;m gonna finish it out in this direction
Thanks again for the encouragement - it helps
Great stuff man!
Nice dark atmospherical tracks!
Turns out very weird and unexpected , I should have known thumbs up thumbs up
Wow, unexpected country elements! well impressed. 8_)
I still can't hear this.......

Due to crap ipad apple rubbish, i need to get an android tablet pronto!! Its so annoying when you want to hear something and you keep reading the posts.

Randy, I cant wait to have a listen when I get home mate!
Holy Shit eek!

That is nectar.

Really like it. Whatever direction that is headed, I'd stay on it.

Just secured a PtDelay myself today. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Randy, that is just amazing. Really well put together and very original. I like it a lot dude, seriously good work.
I am really appreciating all of the positive feedback ! Thanks to everyone . I've been continuing to work on this project and I'm sticking to this direction . It is very different from what I originally intended . I'd be happy to post up some of the new things if there is interest in hearing them .

sorry - took all this down
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