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Uploading Images - Easy Tutorial
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Author Uploading Images - Easy Tutorial
Muff Wiggler
Ok, there's been some confusion about uploading images to the forum, and I wanted to make a post to explain it to everyone.

First - unlike many phpBB forums, this one DOES allow you to upload images that this forum will host for you so that you may include images in your posts. You do NOT have to have your own webserver, FTP, or image hosting service. We do it for you here at Muff Wiggler's.

Most phpBB forums only allow you to link to an image that you've already placed online - getting them online in the first place is the hard part! We've made that easy for you, with a couple of forum mods which allow uploading and provide a place to store your images.

First of all, in order to use the image upload features, you MUST start your reply by pressing the main "Post Reply" button at the bottom of a thread (it's also always available when starting a new thread).

This is important! Because at the bottom of every thread is a "quick reply" panel, which lets you type and submit a reply without leaving the thread. This 'quick reply' panel is a SIMPLIFIED reply page - it is missing many options, including the "Upload picture" option.

<- this 'Quick Reply' button will "fold-in" and "fold-out" the 'Quick Reply' panel at the bottom of each discussion thread. YOU CANNOT FIND THE 'UPLOAD PICTURE' button here. You need the MAIN "Post Reply" page.

So again, you MUST press the main "Post Reply" button first, if you want to upload an image. You can't do it on the 'quick reply' form at the bottom of every thread.

So, first step - press the "Post Reply" button, and you'll be taken to a new reply page, that looks like this:

Step two: Press the "Upload Picture" button in the new reply window (It's circled in red in the above image).

A window will appear that looks like this:

Step three: press the "Browse" button on that window, and a file explorer will appear, letting you search your computer for an image to upload. Select one, and press the "Open" button.

Step four: After selecting your file, you'll be taken back to the 'upload picture' form shown above, and now the path to your image file is shown beside the 'Browse" button that you pressed in step 3. If you are happy with the chosen file, press the "Send" button (bottom right) to upload the file to the server. After you press this, nothing will happen for a moment (while the file is uploading), and then you'll see an window summarizing your upload, and it'll look like this (although showing the image you uploaded, instead of the one I'm showing here):

If you are happy and would like to have the newly uploaded picture added to your post, simply click on the link where it says "standard" (beside "Insert Picture"). When you do so, the window will close and the bbCode needed to display the picture in your post will automatically be placed in the reply box for you.

If you would like to insert the pic, and then have the chance to upload another pic for your post, simply click the "Insert picture and upload another one" link.

If you would like to go 'back' to change your upload to a different image instead, click the "Previous" link.

If you would like to cancel without uploading any images, click the "Cancel" link.

I hope this is helpful! Give it a try. You can use this thread to practise if you'd like. It's fun.
Muff Wiggler
please note - I just found and corrected a small bug that would have kept a very small number of users from being able to see the "upload pic" options. Sorry for the hassle - it should be OK now.
Muff Wiggler
One more thing - you guys are all OK now, but for any new members in the future -

If you notice that you don't have the 'upload picture' button on your main reply form, send me a PM and I'll fix it for you.

Muff Wiggler
Just a bump to let the mini-flood of new members know about this feature. If somehow I forgot to activate it in your profile, please let me know.
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