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Play Out! - Live Modular Manifest - Wigglers RBP
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Author Play Out! - Live Modular Manifest - Wigglers RBP
To advance the art of live modular performance this forum is for discussing, live playing techniques, staging, and performance modular designs both DIY and commercial.

Together these topics cover:
Improvisation & Pre-patching, Patch evolution strategy, Cable management, Mixing architectures, Live monitoring & foldback, DIY Interface considerations [color use, knobs, jacks, push-pull-pots, mutes, momentary contacts, joysticks, matrixes, ...], Module layouts, Module selection in limited size systems, Gestural technology, Ergonomics, and Enclosure designs offering visibility and enhancement of the performer's movements.

Artist development concerns are also on topic:
- live documentation and visualization strategies (chest cam vs. ...)
- audience management (fielding stupid questions and statements)
- Posing & branding modular performance through visual meme or catch phrase
- organizing show lineups and genre scheduling considerations

Whatever else you can think of that will encourage strange nightlife.

Unless demonstrating a module, Please keep audio and video posts in the category of live shows performed in front of an audience. Bedroom improvisations while cool don't belong here unless you had 50 people sardined in your bed!

Anthony Bisset, Epk & Muff. SlayerBadger!
Well, Fuuuuuuuuck yeah!

Great idea for sub-forum. We really need to strive to keep people on topic and focused though. I think that it'll be difficult but well worth it.
Soy Sos
Great idea.
I've just done a performance last night on my modular with 2 other musicians.
There are a lot of interesting considerations to keep in mind for these set ups. I'll look forward to checking and participating in this section. Glad to see it coming together. Thanks for that!
Wonderful subforum for me smile
I'll try to contribuite even if my english is too bad..
me too, i think its a great idea to have a place to discuss playing life more in depth. makes searching for specific things easier also .
i think that maybe there also might be a development in module design in terms of performing live..think of the rené, the 4ms vca matrix...
or the role of a modular in a people just use it for impro/experimental musical structures/weird noises/sequences and the rest of the band has to follow, or do people use it more subtle..i mean how do you actually 'play'together with other band mates..

sorry just brainstorming. time to post some topics.
Soy Sos people just use it for impro/experimental musical structures/weird noises/sequences and the rest of the band has to follow, or do people use it more subtle..i mean how do you actually 'play'together with other band mates..

Yes, I did a performance with 2 other musicians last night.
Nylon string guitar and vibraphone. I mostly added tones and texture to their structures but I created the core on treated Mbira for one piece. I'm looking forward to creating some rhythmic structures in the future but didn't want to lock anything in for this show. It turned out really lovely.
I'll post video once they put it up on vimeo
I like the idea of 50 people "sardined" in my bedroom. I might not get a synth performance is though.
Great new subforum, realy into the idea of starting to play out with the modular so this forum will be very helpfull.

If i record anything it is always as a live take, i don't use DAW's etc so this section will be great for that too.

Thanks guys. thumbs up
great idea! I am preparing a new live set with my (mini-)modular at the moment, will post vids and pics after my first gig!
Great idea for a sub-forum! I have taken my portable cabinets out a couple of times. Would like to do it more.
amsonx wrote:
Wonderful subforum for me smile
I'll try to contribuite even if my english is too bad..

You spelled "too" correctly.
That puts you ahead of 50% of my fellow Americans.
This is Awesome!
About time!!!
Thrilled about this new subforum! I've got far more to learn ( we're not worthy ) than I have to contribute, but someday... Rockin' Banana!

This subforum is really interesting. Great work. Hopefully I'll have something to contribute down the line.
Interesting topic, I'm looking forward to hearing about other experiences playing modular in a live setting. As for myself, it's been three main phases, all with my trusty old serge:

In the mid-late 1980s I played with a large band, sort of Sun Ra inspired but with reggae and afro-pop influences.

Then years of playing duets with an alto sax player.

Off and on being part of various sized groups doing free improv.

In all cases the most important factor was the monitor system. It's extremely disorienting to not be able to hear yourself when playing an instrument that makes no acoustic sound. Numerous times with the big band I had to rely on the lights on the TKB or slope gen to hope that I was in sync with the band. It's probably best to have your own amp but for me that wasn't always possible.

Tuning is tricky. I tried to set up patches where one or two rows of the TKB was tuned to fit certain songs and the others I could mess with. I always had a guitar tuner with me so I could change between pieces.

The most rewarding was the sax duets. I usually routed his sound through the serge, sometimes altering it and sometimes using it as a trigger or envelope. We were usually two equal voices in continual transition. If you can find someone with compatible sensibilities, the duet form is great.

In general I tried to make patches that had multiple voices and maximum flexibility, so I could get a lot of variation without having to repatch. It's also helpful to be playing with someone who understands the needs of modular systems so you can design the set list with some down time when you can repatch.
For the past 10 years or so I've used the Roland KC-300 as my on stage amp. It's now replaced by the KC-350.

It's got multiple stereo inputs and can take a mic in as well. It's pretty quiet and has a line out, headphone out, and some other nice features. Downside is it's really heavy, so if you've got a lot of gear it's one more huge hunk to lug around.
Arisia is a science fiction convention, held in the dead of winter every year in Boston.

This year, I had some spare time, and after polite inquiries as to where a busker
wouldn't cause any problems (and being staff, I had some "slack"), I set up my suitcase MU
synthesizer off on one corner of the balcony, about 50 feet from the registration area,
and started making bleepy noises. Amplification was via a battery-powered Crate
Limousine 50-watt (!), facing into the corner to get some dispersion on the sound.

People stopped. They enjoyed. I motioned to let people come in and try it. They did.
We got a LINE of people wanting to try the MU. And by and large, it sounded pretty
good. Bleepy sci-fi sounds are perfectly in tune with a science fiction convention.

I stood by "just in case", but there were no problems. None _whatsoever_. People
jacked and wiggled wonderfully, just as you'd hope grown adults to do with other
people's property. We probably had ten or fifteen people get their chance
to wiggle knobs and plug patchcords, live, in front of a (basically sympathetic) audience.

Overall, I'd rate this busk as "major success". I even got an invite to come to another
SF convention and run a workshop on synthesis!

- Bill
Great story wsy
I'm gonna be lurking here. my whole setup is for live settings.

thumbs up
thundermouse wrote:
I'm gonna be lurking here. my whole setup is for live settings.

thumbs up

Fuck, yeah! Same here.
After many years of being a studio artist, I am (strangely) considering working up some live performance material for my modular rig. I think I'm leaning this way for two reasons:

1.) The way I've been working with the gear has involved a lot of longish improvs in the studio that i record and then construct finished pieces from.

2.) I think the idea of doing live performance with modular gear is attractively "bass-ass", at least for me. I just love the idea of it.

As I continue to give serious consideration to working up some kind of live performance on my modular system, I'll continue to check-in here to learn from all of you veteran live modular-ites.
Great idea for a sub forum!

I've got a relatively small modular that I use live (pic attached) so I use a KORG KAOSS Pad 3 to build up layers. This sends out MIDI clock which goes into a little Doepfer MSY2 MIDI to Sync converter which then drives the modular's sequencer - everything stays in time pretty well, although I've noticed that curiously the KAOSS pad loops gradually go out of sync with the MIDI over a period of 5-10mins. If you hold shift then press the loop pad (ABC or D) you can adjust the loop position in realtime with the knob and get it back in sync with everything.

Another issue is that the MFOS 16 Step sequencer is quite fussy about its clock source so I go through an MFOS gate buffer first which sorts it all out...

Hello everyone!

this is my first post on MW, pretty hyped on it. I just wanted to show my modular jams to anyone who wanted to listen. Hope you enjoy! lemme know what you think!


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