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Case for BoardWeevil 09
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Author Case for BoardWeevil 09
I just received my Board Weevil last Tuesday, and wanted to find some sort of thing to put it in (protect it against dust). Well, I found that the Case Logic Compact Portable HD case is perfect fit (for 2.5 portable drive). It's about $16 is pretty strudy and has an inside pouch and a strap, which you can use to hold the board in place. I cut the strap, to make it easier for me to have access to the unit. This is perfect if you want to take the little bugger around with you. I purchased mine at Staples here in the states, and I have also seen them in Best Buy. But you can find it on
Muff Wiggler
wow! great find, it looks like it was custom made for the boardweevil

great tip and awesome first post 8)

welcome to the fourm!
Yes - awesome and thanks for posting!

Chris Carter had something similar for one of his postcards: 25109537/
(I think he got the idea off someone from Psychic TV with a WOM kit, but can't remember the links now)
Thanks for the welcome! Great to be here.
Yeah I saw that Chris Carter was using a GameBoy case for his
Post Card Weevil. That's where I got the idea. I actually had one of these cases for my Boss Micro BR, and saw that the Board Weevil fit in it.

@ Sungja, yes did I get the cardbox, but this case is better
for travel. I look forward to the warm weather, so I can take this
around with me to the park, and freak out birds and things..wink
Wow, you're right, it's like this Case Logic case was made for the 09 BoardWeevil! It fits so perfectly!

I was able to find a out-of-packaging return at my local Staples for only $10. Blue with yellow lining.

Thanks so much for sharing this and discovering it in the first place!
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