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Bugbrand beta sequencer & Buchla & Bugbrand
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Author Bugbrand beta sequencer & Buchla & Bugbrand

Quick test with the beta version of the Bugbrand sequencer (more of a complex c/v brain than just a sequencer) working with my small Buchla setup as my Bugbrand core is off getting some sidepanels cut so it can be portable. 266e as trigger source to the sequencer set to random controlling the 258v with envelopes from the 281e with glide c/v controlled by gate path B. VCA output to the Bugbrand delay box.
Always a pleasure thumbs up

I love the amience on your recordings Richard, very evocotive.
Sounds good - nice tones - Buchla/Bugs - good mates ?
Wonderful little piece thumbs up
Sounds lovely - although there seems to be really hard clipping on the peaks - is that intentional?
Nice one Richard. I'd like to hear more.
cheers guys. I've never heard buchla sound like what I know from late 70's/early 80's polysynths before. Not what I was aiming for though as I was doing overdubs for the 3rd Chasms album and this just didn't fit at all.

Randy - c/v's from the bugbrand work just fine with the Buchla once you've got the ground banana jack connected. audio's a bit different but the dual preamp does the trick for sending things into the bugbox. The random selector on the sequencer when clocked by something irregular makes up interesting phrasing. I'd love more stages when doing this kind of thing, or trying several oscillators with different seq1's for soem note clusters (thinking Bill Evans)

Tom - yes definitely some clipping in there, never seem to able to avoid it from the 292e mix output. I'll be retrying this patch but with the eardrill vca instead. I can see why most systems have the 227e and they send the individual outputs of the 292e to it.
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