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SEQ1 beta gets its scratch on, wickiwicki
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Author SEQ1 beta gets its scratch on, wickiwicki
Just recorded a bit whilst Jamming with the Beta SEQ1. I managed to get a turntable style scratch effect thing going on that was a lot of fun.

one take live no overdubs edits blablablabla

will have to write some better notes later as I am out of time but I am basically using the seq1 as FM VCA (mod osc to ext range then CV out to FM in)
I have a touch-plate to reverse the direction of the SEQ1 and also a couple of passive switches to alter the resets patched from the step gate outs.
More of a demo/Jam than a tune and I must apologies for the awful recording and noise, I recorded it quick on the laptop via the headphone out on my mixer. I need a nice recorder pronto.

I may work on the patch a bit later and do a propper take but here it is for kicks.

Very nice Dan, love the minimal feel - a raw techno vibe Guinness ftw!

You can buy my Masterlink ML9600 if you want, give you good price, its a very good recorder low hours etc - jus sayin' hihi
Cool creative use of the sequencer man - like it !
Breaking into territory of Paul Birken aka the tone wrecker. Very nice. :-D
Bloody great!

Is it all buggy inc the hi-hats?

Very fun playability indeed!
Thanks Guys, I ended up ripping the patch down so no better recording.

Tom, yep its all made by your fair hands, inc HiHats

@ LowGain, If I thought I was even halfway to making anything halfway as good as the ToneWrecker I would be a very happy wiggler thumbs up

Patch notes from Memory,

HiHat and Bass drum in the usual way (I need some noize) ie, SYN2a BP = BD, Weevil VCA HP = HH.

SYN2a(1) sine to SEQ1 ext range,
SEQ1 CV to SYN2a(2) FM in,
SEQ1 step gate outs to Matrix Mixer, Matrix Mixer out to SYN2a(1) 1voct in.
CTL1 used as sequencer Row1 out to SYN2a(2).
CTL2 pressure plate gate out used to reverse SEQ1 direction on the fly,
SEQ1 step outs to passive switch then out to SEQ1 reset in.

there was some other shit too but that's the basic sequencer stuff.

Outputs other than BD and HH where just the 2 SYN2A's which were processed with Wavefolder LPG Drive

Guinness ftw!
Nice! Thanks for sharing the signal flow. Some new tricks in there, for me at least. Funny thing is - the fm 'scratch' sounds really a lot like some Nord Modular patches I made about ten years ago, using cross-modulating oscillators. Like in this track from 2000:

Great that these sounds can be made with the bugmod too!

This sounds MY ASS IS BLEEDING !

Can't wait to have a SEQ1 in my rack love
Otoskope, yes, that sound was almost identical!! Nice track too mate thumbs up

Miditerranean, your going to love the SEQ1 dude.

Guinness ftw!
uncanny, thanks for sharing, I'll have to try this along with my teaspoon cas
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