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Bugbrand drums into OP-1
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Author Bugbrand drums into OP-1
Finally got around to using the OP-1 and Bugbrand, put a kit into the OP-1 and used the tape feature for some weirdness, added a couple of sequences and played over the top with a porta lead sound. Cross posted.
THe OP-1 and Bugbrand are my modern equivalents of the Synthi100 and a nice Studer - but a bit easier on the pocket hihi
SPACEY ! Nice track - how does the OP-1 work
Very nice. Enjoyed it a lot.
Cheers Guinness ftw!

Randy the closest thing I can describe as is like a 4 track portastudio but with digital control and sound, it has a built in synth and sampler, but I mainly bought it for the recording aspect as you can do some crazy stuff with it like manual scrub recording.
Nice! I've met one of the guys behind the OP1, but never got around taking a closer look. Seems like a fruitful combination!
Right up my street... Guinness ftw!
Sounds awesome! I haven't plugged my BugBrand into my OP-1 yet but when I do I know it will be SlayerBadger!

Yeah Miditerranean I hope I can figure out a way to sync them up so that I can grab long sequences, bounce down etc.

In a way its like going way back to my earliest experiments with music before I had any gear, using a cassete deck to do pause mixes, Bugbrand pause mix FTW! Guinness ftw!

Looking foreward to hearing your stuff SlayerBadger!
Cool thumbs up
Ahhhhhhhhhg, I wanted to hate it, I really wanted to hate it. But that thing sounds like a lot of fun..............

Nice jam matey, but please, no more.

Great sounds.
I've also been trying not to look too much at the OP-1 -- posts/tracks like this don't help much!
Think you guys would love it, the tape recording is superb.
so how much can you record into it? and it does 4 tracks? does seem like a nice companion tool to the bugbox. I've gone back to putting my Denon cassette recorder right next to the workspace to do quick recording
Each of the 4 tracks can have 6 minutes, then you can bounce down to album, its pretty cool. If you run the tape slower then you can have more recording time, so half speed would give 12 minutes per track but at half the fidelity.

It is 24/96 internally so the quality is pretty good, there are a few minor niggles such as a noise on the input under certain conditions, but overall I'd have no problem recommending it based purely on the fun you will have with it and the quality of the results.
Here is a ambient/drone piece I recorded


That was just 3 tracks of tape, recorded from an FM pad I made on it. It is worth noting that just like a 4 track real tape, the tracks are mono, so no stereo line in recording, but you can pan once the tracks are recorded, also you can only record on 1 track at a time.
I must be totally missing the point. I don't quite understand why a 4 track recording device is exciting? My system is permanently plumbed into a soundcard and a computer. I just hit record...

I don't miss my Tascam Portastudio at all in fact smile

Why is this worth it?
Well for me I like the portability, speed and ease of use, and some of the creative recording techniques it offers, like manual scrub and changing record speed, for musique concrete and tape collages it is great fun. I don't use a computer in my studio though, so YMMV.
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