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Frustrating .WAV Player
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Author Frustrating .WAV Player
The picture below shows SD cards I recently ordered because the SD card that shipped with the .WAV Player began to exhibit strange behaviors. None of them work in the .WAV player, which seems to defy the odds.

Knowing that not all SD cards work in the .WAV player I ordered one of each of these, figuring I could order additional cards once I figured which brands work. Incidentally, these cards were all at different price points. They were all formatted in FAT16, and the naming conventions suggested on the ADDACsystems website were scrupulously followed.

It didn't matter if the Quick Format was used or the slower setting. Neither using "default file allocation", nor an allocation size of 32 K nor 64 K seemed to make a bit of difference. This was done on a Gateway NV655 with a Pentium P6100 running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I'm inclined to think that incompatibility with such a wide variety of the more commonly available SD cards is a major bug. It crosses my mind that 1 GB SD cards might be more compatible, as this is what the .WAV Player ships with, but nowhere is this specified. Again, the 1 GB card which shipped with the module still works, but it will go into the solid red light error when I try to access any files after i.wav, so I can only access 8 files.
Dear Otolathe,

sorry to hear that you're having some hard times with SD cards, i had my share of that while developing it.

but i think the problem lies in the size of the card, although i successfully used a 2gb card (the only one i ever tried), this is not recommended! you should keep the card size below 1gb.

all the very best
Not wanting to do a "yaa boo - works for me" kind of thing, but I'm using the 2GB Transcend cards with no problems, which suggests that the problem might lie elsewhere. Formatted and files loaded via Mac, so I can't really comment on the Windows side, but might be worth doing some further troubleshooting before giving up on the module (unless the issue is *your* module of course, which could explain the weird behaviour with the included card)...

seriously, i just don't get it
Thanks, MrManson; can you tell from my pic whether your Transcend card is the same?

My cards were all formatted to FAT16 using Windows, as stated above. What are you using for formatting on the Mac? Just for shits and giggles, I put my Transcend card into my Mac and opened it up. It immediately gave me a notification saying the SD Card was not formatted correctly. Using Disk Utility, I was able to see that it apparently thinks there are too many disk sectors for FAT16 to format it correctly.

Since my initial post, I noticed that when I opened up the card that shipped with the .WAV Player, that card was formatted using a 16K file allocation. This option did not show up when using a 2GB card if relying on Windows to do the formatting. I downloaded an application called SwissKnife, which does allow a 16K file allocation when formatting a 2 GB card, but so far no luck. I haven't tried all of the cards yet, though.

I have a number of 1GB cards on order; Andre recommends them (maybe he should spell this out on his website?) so we will see if that works. I think it would be quite useful to have a number of different SD cards, since voltage-controlled access to each file location seems more cumbersome to me than just sequentially cycling through your files during a live performance by pressing the button. Also, I think 512 MB cards would be perfectly suitable for this purpose: most hardware samplers like the Akai MPC 5000 for example have far less sample memory available (64 MB expandable to 192 MB in the MPC 5000).
Hiya - yep, the Transcend card is exactly the same.

So, on a Mac, you're formatting on the command line using newfs_msdos - for example...

newfs_msdos -F 16 -v WAVES /dev/disk1s1

("WAVES" being whatever it is that you want to call the volume - and you can find out the device name using something like: diskutil list)

Don't forget to eject it by dragging it onto something like Hidden Cleaner, to get rid of OSX's hidden files, and of course don't forget to make the second file smaller than 500kb.

I think you're right about using smaller cards though - even if only because the amount of data you'll get on a 2GB card at 22.050Khz mono is HUGE, and (for me anyway) completely unusable!!!

And if that doesn't work, there's always Guinness ftw!
MrManson wrote:
Don't forget to eject it by dragging it onto something like Hidden Cleaner, to get rid of OSX's hidden files

worked like a charm! thanks!
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