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.wav player - error LED won't go away
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Author .wav player - error LED won't go away
Hello! I'm having some trouble with my ADDAC player. It has been working fine up to today. Today I decided to load in some new .wav files and now the error LED won't go away and the unit won't work.

I verified that all of the .wav files are formatted correctly:

* The card had been working fine (SanDisk 1GB - probably the one that shipped with the unit).

* I've double checked that file b is under 500k and that I have at least 2 files.

* I made sure that there aren't any hidden files on the drive. I'm using Windows, so that wouldn't be expected anyhow.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this issue? Maybe try my .wav files to see if they work on your unit? My three test files (a.wav, b.wav, c.wav) are here:

- Bret
evil wizards
It's a great module but it is not without it's quirks. I have found with mine that audio files peaking at 0db have had some difficulty. I normalize to -1db.
Looks like your file is mono, 16 bit and 22hz. Try the -1db thing... I had some trouble getting it to work with some files I loaded recently until I did this. Can't remember why I even thought to try it but it worked.
Hmm, yeah I've had similar issues with it just randomly erroring out and stopping playback.

Seems like the firmware is still somewhat buggy, would be nice to have a software update some time to address these bugs..
It's just an Arduino with Waveshield, right, so should be user-upgradeable..?
evil wizards,

I tried your suggestion, but still didn't work. If either of you get a chance, I would be grateful if you could test my .wav files on your modules. I wonder if one of my programs (maybe Reaktor?) put crud in the .wav file that's causing the problems?

- Bret
evil wizards
no problem. i'll try to get to that tonight if I have time.
evil wizards
I tried your files in the .wav and had no problem playing all three of them. I'm using a 2GB San Disk card. I loaded the files from my mac and ejected the card using hidden cleaner 2.1 which, as you mentioned, is not something you would need if your using a PC.
If your using the card that came with it I can't imagine that is the problem, although it might not be a bad idea to try another card just in case.
Good luck!
Ah! Thanks a ton. I owe you one! I'll contact ADDAC soon to see if they have any advice.

- Bret
Bret, one other thing to try is re-formatting your SD Card and re-loading all of the .wav files on it again. This helped me with the same error once.
HEY! There it is! otolathe, I owe you one too! Formatting the SD again solved the problem. I wonder if there's something about file fragmentation or ... gad, who knows what... may have thrown it off.

I love the .WAV player. It's one of my favorite modules. :-)

- Bret
Hello all,

sorry for not having post on this subject before!
i noticed that other users were helping out and there was not much more i could have added...

believe me i know how hard SD cards can be, i've spent days trying to understand them... even now that i believe i'm quite good and troubleshooting problem i still run across new errors and problems...

somehow i believe they are not very reliable, and i believe they get worse with intensive use...

latelly i've also been finding some problems with cards, sometimes re-formatting them sorts them out, some other cards just become useless and still didn't understood why the hell....

anyway, and for future reference, if your led is on most probably it's a card problem and it will be hard to realize why, getting a new one might help but keep it under 1GB!
re-formating it's the first option to try out!

hope this helps!

all the very best
i LOVE the .wav player. but, i can only get it to work on the wav files you sent along in the card... i've tried everything. two files, 6 files, re-formatting... no matter what it will play all the files you sent on the card, but it will play my file a few times but it will always crash... most often if the file ever gets to the end... i can go NUTS manipulating the files you sent me but as soon as i start going crazy my file it crashes.

im using a mac, but i've always ejected it using hidden cleaner... i've also tried different files that i've made, but to no avail...

any tips?

see you on july 7th for Super Bock?
What are you using to convert your samples to 22050?
Mikekiraly1 wrote:
What are you using to convert your samples to 22050?

I'm exporting them from ProTools that way.
Ah, gotcha. I had some initial issues because I didn't realize Logic was converting them automatically to 44100.

Good luck - hope you find the answer to your problem
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