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tightening jacks
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Author tightening jacks
Hi, Is there a specific tool for tightening the in/out jacks?
part# 382-0006 QRUmZ9qcP2NXMf%252b4M1ssQQ%3d
Thanks fester
is there any type of commercial hardware store where I can go to to buy this tool? some jacks on my waveform city are wiggly help

$8 + $8 shipping is nuts.
Thats a bargain!!
Based on my location I,d have to place a $200 order with mouser to get that fucker???
Didn't know that. Guess I might just have to buy it then. I only need 1.


now that I have you guys here, do you ever come across that jack once in a while that feels like there's some sort of "click" or "pop" before it makes the full insertion/connection? for example when you plug a patch chord slowly into each jack on the module and that one has a slight "click" or "pop" type of feel before it reaches full insertion/connection. it feels weird.
Looks like a screwdriver with a socket attatchment on the end....
You could prob get one from your local specialist tool supplier

There is a diagram of it in the link provided...

You ever come across any jacks like the one I mentioned above?
I think there are the same or similiar on some euro
Theres another thread here on muffs...somewhere...regarding these jacks.
Someone mentioned they can split easily if you overtighten them, so, finger tighten only
I,m sure the wiard ones would be good quality though
Not the thread I was looking for but.... led+nut

Theres a few threads, search 'knurled and nut and driver'
I ordered the part from mouser. It's only one jack (sine wave out) I notice that is wiggly when I put a patch chord in, but I might as well have that tool on deck I guess. I'll make sure not to over tighten the jack that much. Thanks for the help.

The triangle out jack has a slight "click" or "pop" feeling in between the initial insertion and full insertion. feels a little weird but the module is an older module.
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