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[Closed] Bipolar mixer / offset boards
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Author [Closed] Bipolar mixer / offset boards
* update Sep28 2012 * All sent out!

* update Sep26 2012 * PCBs have arrived. I'll start shipping next monday. Non-EU orders will be sent first.

PCB: 9.40 Euros, Panel 16.50 Euros. These prices include shipping inside the EU.

* edit Sep 5th 2011 * Second round!

* edit July 15th 2011 * BOM is available at the end of this post

PM me for PayPal details. When you PayPal me please include your Muff Wiggler nick in the message and of course quantities how many pcbs and/or panels you order.

Shipping will start as soon as I have all the boards and panels here. Last time it took only one day to get them all out.

PayPal payment is the only way to reserve anything. I will not order or hold any boards or panels without payment. Sorry for that, but I have had bad experiences in the past people not paying their orders.

- - - - -

You will find all the relevant updates in this first post!

I have been asked several times about the possibility to buy BiMix mixer boards.

Because it would be useful to have these boards in hand for my future projects, I decided to check whether there would be any interest in a group buy?

You can read about the module here:

* I won't do ready made modules.
* I won't do any kits. Just bare pcb is offered. All the parts are pretty basic and normally available in stores.
* I'll do a panel run if there is enough interest. Panel can be seen in the BiMix thread.
* I will provide BOM
* I won't be able to help with building. I don't have time for that. You have to have some knowledge about building these things.

Board is approximately 105mm x 44mm in size. Through hole / single sided / silk screened / with solder mask. Board can be panel mounted with 9mm Alpha pots or similar.

Module was done for the +-12V eurorack system. I have tested it in my frac rack and it works fine with +-15V power too. Only one resistor should be changed to different value.


9.40 euros per pcb

16.50 euros per panel.

These prices include the shipping inside the EU.
All the shipments to non-EU countries: add 8 euros per order because I have to use registered shipping.

Material list for the board:

4x 0.1uF (100nF) capacitor
4x 47pF capasitor

2x 10uF electrolytic capacitor

4x 100k linear potentiometer + knobs
(9mm Alpha pots or similar if you want to panel mount the board with pots)

1x 82k resistor
- 82k will give a bit over 6V offset in +/-12V system
- 140K would be 5V in in +/-12V system
- In +/-15v system the values are approx. 130K and 200K
- you can use anything between those figures

10x 100k resistor (use 1% or better)
1x 1k resistor

2x ferrite beads / 10R resistors

4x 3 pin jumpers for bipolar / unipolar control. 1 jumper per every input and output
1x 2 pin jumper for activating / deactivating the offset cv in un-patched input 1
(You can bring these jumpers to front panel with 5x SPDT switches. Not possible in my 4HP panel.)

3x mono jack
1x switching mono jack (for the offset input)

2x OPA2134 IC (if you plan to mix only cv it's a lot cheaper to use 2x TL072 or similar)

2x 8 pin IC sockets
1x 2x5 pin or 2x8 pin power cable socket

Building should be very straight forward. There is a couple of tight fits but I have had no trouble to get everything in place. Straight line between two pads means jumpwire.

One important building note: There are two pads marked with "X". Connect these two X-pads with a fly wire.
Put me down for 2 PCBs thanks!
i'd like two pcbs also!
rico loverde
id def be interested in 2 as well as 2 panels

two here,please.


Ok, I'll do a small run.

Board: 8.50 euros
Panel: 16.00 euros
Both prices include shipping inside the EU.

PM me if interested.
I will take orders until July 18th.
No more interested wigglers?
Blinkar blÄ
I'll take 2!
BOM available in the first post

payment sent for 2x pcb/2x panel.


I take 2 PCB's
One day notice!
Not many hours left...
rico loverde
Was curious if you had an idea when these will ship

rico loverde wrote:
Was curious if you had an idea when these will ship

Same here.

Can't give you an exact date because I don't know it but I will send them forward immediately when I receive them. Order was made on July 18th.

theabsent wrote:
Can't give you an exact date because I don't know it but I will send them forward immediately when I receive them. Order was made on July 18th.

Thanks for reply,no problem here! Guinness ftw!

Was just a little curious... oops

PCBs are in. I will build one and test it and start the shipping process. Should not take long.
PCBs are fine! It was an easy build. Took me under an hour to complete fully. Will start shipping tomorrow.
Got mine today, looks good. Any news on the xxxk resistor for +15V rail?
depth20 wrote:
Any news on the xxxk resistor for +15V rail?

Oh, forgot that. I'll figure it out asap.

edit: check the first post for info
hi! got mine today! thanks!
Built mine. At first forgot to solder a wire from x to x, after a while of hmmm..... realized what was wrong. My first real DIY project is finished This is fun!
Second round will be opened in a day or two.
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