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The new documentation system
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Author The new documentation system
It´s been a little while since I bought new Oakley modules - been mostly trying to finish up all the old modules I have bought over the years (I have a lot of them...). Looking into the new S-VCO (which looks great) I downloaded all the docs to prepare building, and I must say that the docs really have improved. And add to that that I previously had a firm attitude that the Oakley docs were the best in the whole DIY synthesizer game. So hats off to Tony: excellent documentation! A real joy to read.
Thank you for your kind comments.

The documentation style has changed over the years and I like to think it has got better overall. And splitting the parts and building guides into separate documents has certainly made it easier to keep everything as up to date as I can.

The only thing that we have lost is the more detailed circuit descriptions in some of the newer modules. From the feedback I was getting, although many people liked this part, many others didn't read it at all. Since it takes me about two days to write a decent circuit description I decided that my time would be better spent on making up new modules instead.

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