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Grounding ... and the Kenton USB-CV doodah
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Author Grounding ... and the Kenton USB-CV doodah
Hullo lads, just ordered a Kenton USB MIDI-CV converter so I can sequence stuff from the computer (a new idea to me, although I understand this is a common way of 'making music', ho ho).

I'll be wanting to sequence the old BugBrand modular from it, but I'm guessing I'll need to ground the two little beasties together, right?

Any tips on how to do this? I have some 'nana->minijack cables. I can shove the 'nana end into the power panel ground on the BugBrand. The question is how do I get a good grounding to the converter? Any thoughts?

Edit - If you have mini power just use 1/4 to minijack leads from your Kenton, the mini power will take care of ground internally, the 2 white nana sockets can then be patched to wherever.
^ and you should only need this once, you could then use your nana to mini-jack for the other connections direct from the Kenton.

And I can't believe your selling us out and using a computer.......... you've changed man... Mr. Green
Yes, as suggested - the two interface connections on the MiniPower are probably your easiest route in.

If wanting to use Minijack to Banana direct then the first cable needs to have the sleeve connection brought out to a grounding banana which would go to the black ground socket on the MiniPower. Once this ground connection has been made, any further signals (from the same source unit) won't require further ground connections.
well it arrived and I did what you all told me to do, using the jack->banana converter sockets on the power module and ....... it works perfectly It's peanut butter jelly time!

Indeed, the oscillators even track pretty damn well.

Thin end of the edge this. Getting all melodic. Not sure I'm not going to regret this little experiment. This 'MIDI' thing seems to be able to do several notes at once too. Jolly clever stuff. help
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