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Bugbrand Lost after Gig in Hackney Wick - Reward Offered
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Author Bugbrand Lost after Gig in Hackney Wick - Reward Offered
This is the synth: -with.html

Lost on the 30th July between 6am and 8am, in either Hackney Wick or Hackney Central, perhaps on the overground train between the two. Housed in a large black soft carry case, with other items, AKG contact mic, Mackie mixer and various jack cables (Pink&Green).

This was a gift and is very sorely missed, please do contact if found or offered. Holds the folowing modules in order from left to right: Bugbrand - PWR, Bugbrand ENV1, Bugbrand Syn1, Bugbrand Syn2A x2, Bugbrand DD2, Bugbrand DD1,Bugbrand PR3A, PRC1, Bugbrand UTL2.

Please call or email me with any information: 07512336125 or
Oh bummer, I hope you recover it.

Keep watching ebay as well, just in case. I assume you checked with lost property?

Good luck.
^ fuck me, thats bad. I hope you find it. You must of been in a right mess to lose that.

Lost property! These days if security had found a bundle of electronics and wires sat on a chair on the tube it would of been subject to a controlled explosion.... BOOM!
Very sorry to hear that. Wish you luck watching ebay. How many 1-frame systems with the power module are out there? Must be not many?
i really hope it turns up for you. will keep eyes peeled.
oh painful, that would make me feel sick. I walked off a train leaving my saxophone once, but some kind person noticed and called me back - never forgot it though!

I hope you retrieve it some how - lost property is 100% worth trying
Oof, nightmare - try contacting local police stations to see if some kind soul has handed it in. Maybe also places like cash converters.

Hope you get reunited, I think you had some proto/beta stuff in that rack (right?) so if it does appear for sale somewhere it should be easier to identify. Have you contacted Matrixsynth? - he will put a post up for you I'm sure.

Good luck.
sorry to hear that my buddy had a new Macbeth VCO and left it outside in a box for 10 mins , it was gone
Really sorry to hear that, Mari - I'll write an email to you now.

Its good that the photos are still up on Matrixsynth.
Particular noticeable details -

Black Frame - the case is one of the old black ones, so is heavier than the more recent silver ones. There aren't all that many of the old style ones out there.

End-Cheeks - similarly, the cheeks are meant for the regular style frames so you can see there are 5 extra holes on each end + the nuts are attached on the outside.

Several thin-panel (ie. early/test) modules - very few of these are out in the wild. The thin-panel ones -> SYN1 Weevil, DD2 LFO/DCMix, DD1 BalMod/LPG, PRC1 PT Delay, UTL2 Output Mix.

The joystick is completely one-off.

I'll try to spread the word around a bit to some lists etc. Basically, there is no system composed like this, so if it were ever to show up it would be recognisable.
matrix -need.html
^ Nice one thumbs up
Was this the incident that triggered the riots?

sad banana
Especially to Tom......

Unfortunately no luck with Police again.....but still hopeful
nrdvrgr wrote:
Was this the incident that triggered the riots?

sad banana

outrageous!!!! hihi
nrdvrgr wrote:
Was this the incident that triggered the riots?

sad banana

Nah, would of been much worse! Touch my BugBrand and the world gonna burn!
BTW, sometimes stolen gear does make it's way back:
waah I suffer with you, Qualia. I really hope you get it back. Should be impossible to sell.
Awful. Hope all goes well.

otoskope wrote:
Should be impossible to sell.

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