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MK2 Harvestman Modules
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Author MK2 Harvestman Modules
So i've been wanting to expand my harvestman collection lately (piston, hertz!), but it seems that most of the modules are due for upgrades (evin, zorlon, Tyme safari, etc...), which makes me think I should hold off.

I guess my question is - what other modules are going to be upgraded soon?

Particularly interested in the malgorithm and Stillson...
governor blacksnake
Tyme Sefari mk.2 will be the first digital mk 2 module to be released. Malgorithm and Zorlon will come a little later (with Hammerhoid) since I'm waiting to get supply of some rotary encoders with pushbutton.

The evin and stilton mk2 versions have not changed much: stilton is the same and evin just has toggle switches to introduce some very simple passive fixed filters (from the casio SK-1) into each row.. along with a better knob spacing. Those will happen in another month or two.
Updated malgorithm? Was just about to order one of these; what will the differences be with the upgrade, will it complement or replace having the current version?
governor blacksnake
It will be slightly more expensive and will have a couple extra/changed features, mostly a higher maximum resolution. The old ones are a little special though - a lot of them don't sound alike!
Cool, thanks.
Think i'll go ahead with getting the Malg Mk1 now and later the new one too. Double the aural pain!
any ETA on when the tyme sefari will be seeing its mk2 release?
So I tried to order the Malgorithm from AH last week, but they are out of stock and said their next batch will be the Mk2 version... Guess I'll have to wait then, that and the Polivoks VCO top of my Must Have list...
Waiting eagerly for the new zorlon hyper
julien G
will the new malgorithm have a dry/wet output ?
would be really great to control the crushing effect....
Does this mean that my matched malgorithms are moar special???
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