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Postcard Weevil Percussion Experiments
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Author Postcard Weevil Percussion Experiments
I have been a fan of Bugbrand's work for at least a few years now. I am usually a DIYer, and have built a few circuits similar to the Postcard Weevil, but I was totally drawn to its compact elegance. I was so attracted to the sleek design of the Postcard Weevil, I gave in and bought one and I am very pleased with my purchase. I have many plans on how to use this instrument with my setup, but was so pleased with the initial percussion experiments that I wanted to share them. These experiments have inspired me to further explore clocking ideas with the Postcard Weevil and have also convinced me to purchase a Board weevil when they are available again. tA.mp3 tB.mp3

These are so much more than cute noise makers!

oh yea, these experiments are live takes with stereo separation, EQ and compression, no overdubbing.
GREAT, man! w00t
Did you use a standalone (diy?) clocking device, or did you mod the PCW itself?
Wow, thanks - those recordings are AMAZING! I can just about recognise that they're coming from a Postcard, but they sound like pumping drum machines - really nice! Nice weird snare sound, ain't it?!!
fantastic sounds! love to hear more hyper
Really impressive. The Weevil Kit. When is the sample library being released? wink

Same question, are you doing anything special to clock it? Light input or something?

I have an AudioWeevil08 which is awesome as well.

Any chance for a board weevil for DIY'ers where you could put it in your own case and mount the controls yourself + external contact pad. I personally would do some fun stuff with that.
Thanks for the kind words everyone!

No external clock or any sync source. Just a rhythm dialed in on the Postcard Weevil recorded straight to the computer. Then added stereo separation, EQ and compression. There is quite a bit to be revealed with minor adjustments of those pots. There are no mods on my Weevil, except that I added knobs (small Radio Shack / PAiA style) to help with small movements on the pots. I found a small but really sweet spot for getting that snare sound, it sounds better than some drum modules I own!

Thanks for such a dope machine Bugbrand!
i already love my postcard weevil, but this is the kind of thing that would have me reaching for the paypal link
awesome sounds indeed!
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