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Vidicraft SEG-100
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Author Vidicraft SEG-100
Just got this yesterday. Looks to be useful - it generates different wipe patterns. If cameras are sync'd you can use one source as a matte, or choose a color for the wipes if not. It's all analog, no framebuffer or anything, and the "position" control should be easily modifiable to add CV control. "angle" would be a great parameter but it appears to be a couple of signals mixed through a pot.

Not sure how one would go about making something like this voltage-controllable - wide-bandwidth OTA?
LT1251 might be an easy way to do it?
Already making some progress with this. I've managed to get voltage-control over the shape by mixing an AC signal source with 10k impedance to the "position" control. I will figure out what the scaling factor needs to be for 1 or 5 v control... Color modulation was possible with the same technique!
awesome man can't wait to see clips

I really want to mod a few of my video bits for voltage control
Sounds like a great mod project!
If you're considering video modular integration, you could also see about patching out the ramp that feed the wipe generators as signal sources too.

LT1251 is a great chip if you do end up needing to use it. It is very straightforward.
any updates? i just found one of these locally for $20 that i'm thinking about scooping up.
Yes, there are a few easy mods that can be done. I've set it aside for the moment as I'm working on other things. What I did was hack apart the PCB which goes along the entire front of the unit. The sliders were pretty terrible on both units I have. So I was going to replace them with 16mm alpha pots and find a way to fit jacks normalled to the pots' CV where I could. from what I recall I needed a couple of dual-gang pots that I didn't have on hand and never got around to ordering them. I have some notes floating around somewhere. If I stumble across them I'll post whatever details I have. I should really return to this one soon.
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