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So what kind of beer do you like?
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Author So what kind of beer do you like?
Guinness. There can be only one. Guinness ftw!
Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!
The beer that I've turned to through these holidays is Southern Tier Pumking Ale. 9.0% Imperial Pumpkin, YUM!!!
thumbs up happy thanksgiving to you and the rest of us, tragedybysyntax! Guinness ftw!

I still have yet to try the pumpking. But dogfishhead punkin and buffalo bill's american pumpkin ale are among my favorites.

Beer Thread SlayerBadger!

I live in Saint louis, and this city is owning craft brews these days. All of the following have something interesting to offer:
I can't remember if I already posted but anything from Emelisse (Holland) is great, especially the Triple and imperial stouts - my favorite brewery along with Thornbridge (UK) and Flying Dog (US)

Germans should check out Crew IPA, we sell it at Basic Electricity. It is not quite as good as the best US, UK or Dutch/Belgian IPAs but it is really not bad. I expect a lot more German microbrewing and embracing of the Hopfen in the next years... thumbs up

Berliners can check out XPA too, its really okay, but it is a lot stronger than the taste might have you believe so just don't repeat my mistake of downing 6 or 7 of them and then being that funny guy on the street who can't walk straight
Reminds me that I still have to try that microbrewery called "De Molen".
Turns out it's located less than 5km from my home (but then again, so is the Heineken factory... largest brewery site in the world, I heard... d'oh! )

Anyway, I hear "De Molen" products are very well regarded... Any suggestions?
De Molen is amongst the best anywhere in the world - some very fine aged imperial stouts for example. But because of their great success quality has become inconsistent. The best Molen is pretty hard to beat but Emelisse has got very very good and has been a more consistent recently...

that is just my perspective, serious dutch beerheads may dispute. I really miss Arundsnest in Amsterdam, my favorite beer house on the planet I think
There's a really good absinthe stout at Les Brasseurs de Montréal microbrewerie... I'm not sure they do that one in bottle tough...

But anything Unibroue is good for me... OR Dieu du Ciel too wink

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