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So what kind of beer do you like?
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Author So what kind of beer do you like?
Hello everyone, just though I'd start a thread about beer. I like beer... you do too. So let's yak about it.

I'll start off by saying I usually aim for Belgian ales or IPA's. I dig Chimay, Piraat, Gulden Draak, Delerium, and La Fin Du Monde. IPA side I'm
still seeking the ultimate... however I love Hop Frog, Arogant Bastard, and this new one I'm hooked on is called Houblon? It's a Belgian IPA!!! Could be my favorite beer side by side with Delerium.

>=) CHEERS!!!
Pretty much all beer. From Pabst and Miller to Bel Haven Wee Heavy (think I spelled that right)

Although I boycott Coors for personal reasons.
i'll drink whatever is in the keg.. within reason but usually i go for pilsners and stouts or whatever is on the nitro tap!

love the Blue Paddle pilsner from New Belgium

murhpy's irish stout easy choice over guiness any day i like stouts but murphy's is sort of my go to stout.. though there are a ton of really good ones in the NW.. murphy's is like home or something.

la fin du monde
coopers ale
(have had a hard time finding it in the USA)

there's a lot of beers i love and no rules.. i'll try them all... even if its something i think i won't like.. gimme a sip!

never have been a fan of IPA's just can't stand the hoppiness. doesn't agree w/me

can't stand MGD (the hangover starts before i'm even drunk), budlight or coors (might as well just drink water).

my friend has a beer tumblr that's pretty good.. funny and lot's of beers local and foreign
Well, I stopped drinking since a year, but i was getting quite high on:

Chimay bleue (love it, especially the kind of millesime big bottles they sell in Belgium from the previous years),
Kwak directly from the cellar/cask in a Belgium estaminet
Guiness, but only in Ireland
Chouff, quite cheap and good, Guinness ftw!
I like free beer. Always seems to taste nicer
Kölsch, simply the best! Guinness ftw!
Do not mind the occasional Weizen or Pilz but hate Altbier!
I love Kölsch for the summer! Best beer to drink sitting in my backyard ever.

big fan of Session Dark Ale lately..

try not to drink american macro brews..
more sex in a canoe than actual beer..

never have aquired a taste for IPAs. belgien styles are a bit to foo-foo for me. if i have my druthers i'll go with a nice porter or stout..
Sour ales FTW around my house, I drank lots of Bell's Oarsman ale and Monks Cafe over the summer. Since school started last month all I can afford is Miller High Life. No complaints, love the high life. Just recently I had the chance to try the hazelnut ale made by Rogue and it was really nice, sort of like an alcoholic organic cola.

I was really surprised to find out that Kölsch is available in the states.
In Germany it is centered around the Cologne area only so it is rather a local speciality...

essex sound lab
I tend to drink IPAs and Belgian-style American craft brews, although I also like a number of stouts and porters. Some favorite brews include:

DFH Squall IPA - Perhaps the best IPA I've ever had

Founders Centennial

Stone Lukcy Basartd [sic]

La Fin du Monde

Highway 78 (Stone, Green Flash, Pizzaport collaboration)

Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball

Green Flash Trippel

Victory Golden Monkey

Dark Element

Gulden Drak
Recently I've had Troeg's Dreamweaver, and really loved it. I'm not normally a *huge* fan of wheat beers, but it has a really nice complex bunch of flavors that makes me favor it for the fall season. It's very mellow, with some undertones similar to mulling spices like cardamom and the like.

I tend to go for fairly highly carbonated light and amber ales, medium hoppy. Sometimes I can go for an IPA, but it's not often that I'm in the mood for something that bitter. I like mild sweetness paired with a little bitterness for some punch. Hefeweizens always seem to hit the spot. Stouts and Porters are a rare thing for me, although I recently had a Milk Stout from Lancaster Brewing Company and I enjoyed that quite a bit.

If we're talking it's hot outside and I just want a beer kinda beer, Modelo Especial is hard to beat. There's just something about the Mexican macrobrews that I like, crispy and refreshing but more bitterness and flavor than your average American big brew.
free beer is the best beer
belgian trappist mainly, especially chimay (red, yellow or blue, it's all good).
electrik noize
These two are my current fav's

Schlafly Kolsch and Tanners Jack
lately it has been "st. andrews - belhaven" in the pub.
at home it has been "st. eriks pilsner"... should be tried if you are in sweden/stockholm.

love beer.
Babaluma wrote:
belgian trappist mainly, especially chimay (red, yellow or blue, it's all good).

Chimay is yummy!
recent beers i like

russian river - damnation (very smooth.. a touch sweet.. nice finish)

lompoc - kick axe soapbox derby pale ale (how many names does it need???) just a good all around beer. a pale ale with a bit of body and weight to it.

firestone - DBA double barrel ale - a bit sweet but really savory and good.

things in the fridge - russian river - pliny the elder - supposed to be amazing.. tons of hype from friends of mine. looking forward to trying it but i have my doubts it'll live up to the hype.

PS - i still totally hate IPAs. sour hoppy mess. i just can't stand them.
Geuzes are my favorites, more like a lambic treat than beer that ignatius should avoid like the plague (sour like nothing else).

I'm very fond of New Glarus these days.

Hoegaarden is my standby followed by Duvel.

Goose Island's Fleur is delicious.
tragedybysyntax wrote:

I'll start off by saying I usually aim for Belgian ales or IPA's.

Pretty much my taste too, blonde, pale or belgian blonde. I like the odd dunkel/tripel style beers too, though I don't like them meaty tasting.

My fave of all time is, chuffin amazing:

Bruges is a great place to go drinking and try some new beers but the UK has a really great and growing micro brewery scene.

It is a good time for beer lovers. smile
for me its as much about a brewery that is is really on the case as an individual beer:

Raging Bitch IPA from Flying Dog (US) - amazing blend of bitterness and sweetness and UK/US/Belgian traditions- does it all!

any Thornbridge IPA (UK) - honestly the best british beers I have ever tasted, and you can believe I've tasted most of them - and they bottle well too

anything from Emelisse (NL) especially his Imperial Russian Stouts and IPAs - very small rising star of the new euro micro-breweries

living in Germany makes it hard to keep up with the real action though. Like france and wine, they are stuck in their national traditions so German brewers are largely unaware or uninterested in the micro-brewery revolution going on outside in the world.
Hmmmm... bottled only (I hate canned beer with a passion!), although I rarely drink beer.

Labatt Blue
Innis & Gunn

Oh, and Wildwood Pub in Calgary has some really kickass beer on tap, although I forgot which ones I liked the most as it's beer like six years.
I'm rather partial to German Hefen Weize (most brands will do) but recently discovered a nice Belgian tripel : Karmeliet (yum!)
How many of you brew your own beer / wine?

If i drank ethanol, which i dont, i would certainly make my own. Indeed, i used to brew, but then realised there wasnt a lot of point, as i did not drink it myself!
I've not brewed my own beer, have been interested for ages tho. I have made moonshine a few times with my gf's father, who owns a still in Switzerland smile fun to do (and drink).
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