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Weevil: to sell or not to sell?
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Author Weevil: to sell or not to sell?
I love my Weevil but the truth is I just never use it apart from frightening people who've never seen my gear before lol

Edited to add: it's a Weevil08, in case that matters...

Instinct is to just sell it on but I was wondering if there are any cheap/simple mods you could do to it to make it integrate with other stuff a little more. I have a fledgling Euro modular setup so getting some sockets on there and CVing the controls would be amazing.

Anyone done it before? Looking for some inspiration. I have access to a pretty good tech guy (i have the soldering skills of a bear on mushrooms)
Just feed the output into cv-inputs of your modular. Great results. Especially for rhythmic mayhem.

Afaik, the cv thing isn't really doable, at least not realistically doable. There are a few threads on it, I believe.
I've not tried it myself yet but I reckon there's joy to be had plugging it in to the OP-1. Must try that later.......

Its great as a sound source for the Oktatrack to mess with.
from this thread:
"BugModular audio and cv to touch controls of W08 (ie mainly used as a processor), sent back to modular, output signal through Lovetone Meatball.
Moving patch cables around on the W08 touch panel... "


Not the same as you asked for, but still a way of integrating the Weevil08 with a modular.
PM'ed thumbs up
I'm afraid I had to pull the trigger. Too many gaps in the modular to fill and little cash with which to do it lol
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