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Blacet Window Comparator Video
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Author Blacet Window Comparator Video
Muff Wiggler
I blogged this up at my blog, but for you guys who prefer the forum, I'm posting it here as well...


Well, I've witnessed lots of speculation about the Window Comparator, and even engaged in some of it myself.

Anyway, the good folks over at Blacet (uh, I guess that means "John") have given us a little peek in the form of a video. Mostly a view of an oscilloscope screen so that you can see what's happening with the module, but there's the obligatory money shot of the actual unit in action at the end of the clip.

As I speculated, this thing looks like it will be FANTASTIC for deriving interesting trigger sets from audio waveforms. Currently a slowly clocked MiniWave is my favorite way to accomplish this, however this looks like a very different approach that will generate some unique results, and I can't wait to try it.

Great news, and nice to have a video from Blacet so that we can have a closer look. Also I'm very happy that this module is shipping at the amazingly attractive price of $124 assembled ($92 for the kit). Once again Blacet is bringing unique and powerful new options to the modular synth world at bargain prices. I don't know how they do it, but I like it!

Peep the vid right here yo
sweet! let's just say i want one.
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