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Sound of Shadows Min/Max Delay time?
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Author Sound of Shadows Min/Max Delay time?
I read through the manual but couldn't find this item of info.
Can anyone shed light on this?

Pardon the ignorance of my next question since I only understand a little about delays.

I've read that in BBD delays the more stages the longer the delay time.

I know the SOS is a Digital Delay but if it had to be in those terms how many stages would the SOS be?
For instance in comparison to the Pittsburg Analog Delay which has a 4096 stage.

Hope this made some sense. Thanks.
The Website says:

Delay Length
Min: ~31.3ms
Max: ~342ms

seems kinda short, but i never meassured only used delays.
I think if you are concerned at all with Delay times then SOS is not for you.
This cruncher fucker is a "delay" in name only. A really poor excuse for a delay
in fact. Terrible and ugly and stupid. Like a Delay pedal's mentally ill cousin
who has been locked in the room upstairs. And I bought my 2nd one
day after the 1st arrived!! lol hihi
Heheh too true. This is a "delay" in the same sense as the Plague Bearer is a "filter."
Soy Sos
The SoS goes pretty slow, maybe lower than 1 second.
But at that rate it's really grindy, I like it though.
i was puzzles by this too but i think ive got it now. that chip has only 44k memory. i have no idea at what bitrate it works it but should be at least 12 or even 16 from what it sounds like. i think its only meant to be used at 342 msec max which seems to be reasonable for a karaoke machine. at 342 msec there is very little thd (noise), if you go faster the sound quality becomes even better. you can go slower on the SOS but the noise will increase rapidly because it lowers the sample rate to generate more time with the same sample memory ... which is kind of abusing the chip. right or wrong?
Fairly sure the PT2399 uses 1bit conversion, with a really high sampling rate. The list in the datasheet that has clock rate & delay time says the clock is running between 2 & 18mHz (for normal operation)

The slower the clock rate, the greater the delay, the more the output resembles a squarewave.
that makes sense ... 1bit conversion means only one bit (on/off) but that really fast? question is how many decent mseconds would you then get out of 44 k memory?
lilakmonoke wrote:
only one bit (on/off) but that really fast?

pretty much, it involves a couple of integrators & feedback from the data storage to the input stage, its a pretty nice way to do ADC with few parts & can sound pretty good.

"decent ms" ? I dunno, whatever works for you. As you say, PT only expected it to be used for a little over 300, it all depends on how much THD you can live with grin
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