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I have a problem with Space - Finished (for now)
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Author I have a problem with Space - Finished (for now)
As you can see I have a problem with space, more modules than my original Bug case can handle!

Now I have drawn up plans for my new Bug case - curvy and organic - but after a couple of failed prototypes due to lack of materials I found being capable of being curved to the radius' needed I have got to a crunch point that is no longer acceptable, i.e. having modules I can't use cry

So I have started a temp case and here it is so far:

It'll use the same rails, PSU and other ideas planned for the final case so at least I can try ideas out as well has have enough real estate for expansion.

With luck it'll be finished in a week or so.
nice! you know, if you wanna keep things small i can help you out... wink lol

how wide is she?

im in the process of designing a 2 row expansion to my boot... just in case...
So do I, but it's mainly lack of space in the studio...
That new case looks promising!
Sounds like a problem I'd like to have!

I like that new case - cool!

- Adam
That's super-spiffy work for 'just' a temporary case!

Looks almost a perfect size for 3 x shallow frames.
^ it certainly kills my temporary solution...

IMG_1930 by sonofprent, on Flickr

made in bangkok!

(any excuse!)
tIB wrote:
how wide is she?

About 120hp (in Euro speak), no sure what that equates to in Frac.

I also have another pair of rails the same size so if needed I can add a shallow boat at the front.

Last night I was filling and sanding, next pic soon.

Thanks for you interest in my humble endeavours wink

I usually divide by 7 for a rough estimate- 17 spaces.
thanks tIB so that's roughly 51 spaces, that'll do for a while as I calculate I have 33 spaces of modules so far.

Tom, the reason a fair bit of effort is going in to "a temporary case" is because i know it'll take time to decide on how the final version will work.

So far I've tried bending aluminium and using flexi ply and I'm unhappy with both. Steel would be nice and I'm even considering a nice retro fibreglass moulding - Roger Dean inspired - neither idea is going to happen overnight so I want something that'll last.

Plus the Bug deserves a nice home.

KNYST wrote:
So do I, but it's mainly lack of space in the studio...

+1 on that. Every time I clear some room I just put some new shit in there d'oh!
I'm struggling with the pros and cons of small vs large. Seriously considering scaling up my ostensibly portable unit by a third. It's peanut butter jelly time!

In a small setup having fewer choices can speed up the creative process because there are fewer variables for your brain to sort out. Just looking to see where a patch cord goes is easier on a small system. But then there are moments when you don't have room for the VCA or mixer which might complete a reasonable third voice on your little rig.

My system is a bit short on filters although I could steal perfectly good ones from my roomier rack mounted setup. They are 3" or 4.5" wide though. You sure get hooked on the svelte BugBrand form factor when space is at a premium.

In terms of square feet of panel area this small-is-beautiful exercise has gone like this:
Summer 2010: 2 (~ 10ru)
Spring 2011: 3
The plan I'm pondering now comes in at 4.2. If it continues to double every 15 months the world is surely doomed. Dead Banana
I think you gotta have both - mega at home - portable for gigs -
of course working within limits always forces some creativity - I'm all for that !
Before I go off on a training course for the week I thought I'd get a bit more done on the case.

So it's now drilled and filled, rails (with sliding nuts - not making that mistake again), common earth point, primed and first coat of colour.

As you can see in the second picture I was a tad over enthusiastic with the spray and it ran cry cry

Hopefully I'll sand and second coat next weekend and then start the electrics and the finishing touches. Until next time.

that's going to be real sweet, I still love the suitcase synth though mate. You have to keep that one alive too.

thumbs up
Thanks Dan and yes the suitcase is staying exactly as is for when I want to go traveling or I outgrow this one and need an expansion unit. twisted

So as not to break it up I have ordered three of Tom's new distro's for the new case
Sorry didn't realise I could attach photos from my iPhone
I had sent you a post about maybe helping you source curved aluminium and steel. Let me know. Cheers Ross
Thanks Ross i'll drop you a line when i'm back

David -- looking great in Blue!

Ross -- oooh, what are those for? Nice!
well you know how i asked for your dxf files so i could maybe do some one offs in the future(namely daren ager) well im also in the final stages of getting together cases manufactured and distributed in the uk and europe,in oak and sapele to start with but i wanted to see if i could make something a bit diff so im going to sand and polish these side panels to a brilliant shine and for the front and top panels it will be black dyed oak, and see if anybody wants to buy one if they are nice enough, all hand finished. mmmmmmmmm applause applause applause
I also had a great idea for your cases was to get them laser cut but with a stylish b laser cut or etched into the sides, imaging what i showed on last post but with your b cut into it, just thinking aloud lol applause also housing your units in 8mm thick polished aluminium mmmmmmmmmm thumbs up
I've been in touch with Ross as well seeing about a portable suitcase design that Matthew had on his blog could be increased minutely to take frac. Need something portable that can take the older modules. Need to get you those frac module sizes
Hi buddy. Just waiting on the measurements and I'll try and get you something nice made up. Cheers Ross.
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