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paia midi cv vs blacet midi cv
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Author paia midi cv vs blacet midi cv
looking to buy one of these
pros vs cons of either?
thanks kids
Blacet gets my vote - can't go wrong. I think the PAiA is a bit cheaper and has a few more CV outs, but the Blacet has more features - like arpeggiator and LFO.
well im looking to use whichever i end up choosing with a roland tr 707 and korg ms2000 so ill get the apreggiatior option through the ms2000
right now my main issue is physical size but if there are more options from one than the other then its a deal breaker because the kid prices are so close
As for size, I believe the Blacet is smaller - it's 1 Frac width and the PAiA is 2W. So, considering size the Blacet has more to offer per inch. thumbs up
There's some discussion of the PAiA (with a bit of comparison to the Blacet) here:
Can't go wrong with Blacet. Spend the extra $$ for the built version as the pre-mounted IC's are extremely static sensitive. Features a pitch bend out, gate out, velocity out and note/cv out that work right out of the box without any toggle pin configurations or programming. Moreover, programming is done right from the front panel interface for arpeggiation, etc. Any problems or issues and Blacet will fix and return faster than you can say musical instrument digital interface. The best!
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