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Bug Dark Decay - vid
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Author Bug Dark Decay - vid
My studio has become infested w/ bugs . . . . and I'm OK with this smile

1st improv w/the system as it arrived today. There is some room for expansion, and I still need to arrange the modules - figure out a cool flow . . . but in the meantime, I had to share this "Bug Dark Decay" . . . .starts out plain - and falls into audio destruction:

Fantastic! screaming goo yo Say, what case are you using? Enjoy...
Rad 1st sounds!

@algorhythm He's using the 4-frame bomber case that Tom designed for the system. I have one as well, it's just beautiful!
Very nice

I must say from your first Bug post with a single frame your system has evolved very quickly.
Very nice! Down the abyss we go... SlayerBadger!
Ooh ooh ooh!

It was 1Frame cheeks I sent you, wasn't it?!
(No, I know the back-story - very cool indeed)
Love it!
Thank everyone for listening - it's pretty darn repetitive..... but I was really pleased w/ the feedback orchestration that gets pretty heavy 1/2 way through. a pair of PRC-1/PT Delays = Dead Banana Dead Banana nanners nanners

I'm a bit overwhelmed w/ this system right now . . . it will take a while to figure out all the cool nuances of these modules. But this exploring is what it's all about for me - love it!!!

I had a few gigs this weekend - and was generally slammed for time, but I'll have more time to dig in deep to the BugBrand this week.

I'd love to pick up any fun/interesting module tricks - patch tips we're not worthy

BugBrand wrote:
Ooh ooh ooh!

It was 1Frame cheeks I sent you, wasn't it?!
(No, I know the back-story - very cool indeed)

Thanks Tom w00t Ha ha! Well - ya know at the time, the monster system wasn't 100% certain yet smile

Of course I'm ready to fill in those empty spaces someday as more BugBrand becomes available - I can't wait!!!
Dude, that was great thumbs up
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