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Minijack Plea (or PRC3A plea)
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Author Minijack Plea (or PRC3A plea)
Brownian Lotion
I know this is a shout in a hurricane, but I am going to ask anyway.

The PRC3A has won my heart. Tom, is there any chance of it being reissued? Especially in minijack? (if not the latter, I can do that myself).

I would buy all available minijack modules if the PRC3A SV filter was among them. I have a small wad of cash to spend since I've sold a bunch of things, and bugs have always been on the wish-list.

Tom, I noticed you previously requested some assistance with web stuff. Php and Javascript were pretty much my last job, and I'm happy to offer any assistance you need...

we're not worthy
My favourite SV/multi filter, *any* format!
I'm quite positive there will be at least some more banana PRC3As at some point.
There will definitely be more in Banana, yes!

But... Minijacks...
Problems (described elsewhere sometimes, but here again in essence)

i) because of the minijack sockets used (really nice ones but without nuts on the panel) I have to add extra mounting hardware / standoffs. With the designs I've already done it can often be very difficult to add these without large amounts of shifting parts around. I wish it were easy, but it isn't in many cases (PRC3A I have checked - there's one major problem area..)

ii) focus/time - banana stuff already keeps me extremely busy so it is hard to justify the minijacks because, frankly - I believe in bananas and the minijack module sales so far have been super slow

I'd said before that I'd try to get out more modules relaid to minijack, but the slowness of sales has put a dampener on that - saying that though... give me a few more days and I'll finally get a new announcement out (Minijack module) - just need to do some documentation/details on it. (no, it isn't the PRC3A, unfortunately)

PS - sorry I'm an f-ing BuzzKiller, but reality....
Brownian Lotion wrote:
I would buy all available minijack modules if the PRC3A SV filter was among them.

my only suggestion is to buy what is there now, sitting on your hands doesn't help anyone in this situation, give Tom a real idea of the demand.

I'm not one of the System Crew, but I've slowly put almost 2 rows of Bugs together over (roughly) about a 2 year period, some 2nd hand, some from the limited releases on the site. Sure its been slow but I think that increases my love for em,

that and the ENORMOUS respect I have for Tom, what he does & the way he does it.

I will say with pride (& a little guilt) that I've taken a few minijack bugs out of circulation & returned them to the banana fold, BUT, I have a 1st Gen. PRC3A here I'd happily convert to minijack & trade you when the next batch (of banana ones) comes thru. . . which wouldn't make much sense if it didn't have some friends waiting wink
Thanks Thomas!

Hmm - if you did want to do the revert-again-to-minijack idea then I could certainly replace yours with a rev.2 banana one within the next month or so. I could also supply the suitable minijack sockets.

On further consideration, I should stress that the main factors are time & ease that keep me from doing more Minijackers - if I could quickly change up the designs for Minijack then I probably would, but, as I say, many of them aren't that simple.
Brownian Lotion
Hi Thomas,

That's a most generous offer, thanks! I would be happy with a first gen- although how deep is it? Might need to do some rearranging if it's more than 100mm

Would would you prefer to trade with? (format? Cash?)

I can wait a month. In the mean time I'll buy Tom's existing minijack bugs as soon as my tax return rolls in (hopefully within the week).

@BL: Depth of PRC3A rev1 is 56mm (including power cable header)

Tom, I'm definitely in for a PRC3A rev2!
Brownian Lotion - the UTLX makes banana/minijack romance convenient and affordable. go banana!

PRC3A is impossibly good. why is it that i can't get anything to sound bad?
^ its my favourite module.

Ping it n ring it MY ASS IS BLEEDING
^ Same here, got 6 but probably get some more on next batch MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Sounds brilliant, LP mode is my fave but all modes rawk SlayerBadger!
Brownian Lotion
Alright, if more PRC3As are on the cards (the banana cards), please count me among the potential buyers. I'll take two! Mr. Green

And I'll probably solder together my own banana to minijack mults. Building a custom case anyway, it'll be a cinch to drill a few more holes in the front chassis for such a thing.
BL Goes Bananas!!

Do it mayne!!

Rockin' Banana! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners sad banana Dead Banana
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