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BugJam 092511
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Author BugJam 092511
really loving the system... I'm officially hooked!


"Improv'd Jamming on the bugbrand modular tonight..
Single VCO to VCA/Drive, to SVF BP, to SVF LP, to Bug Crusher.
CTL1 proving a lot of modulation. Lots of fun! smile
Will probably use some of this in a track or two.. "

Here's a picture of the patch...

so amazing yet so unfair. why do us mere mortals only get to hear the bugs when only the chosen few get to play them.

sounds great!!!
That was sweet!!

Bugbrand was what got me hooked on modulars in the first place with an AudioWeevil 08.

However, I have never seen or touched a Bug Modular.

This maybe an unfair question, but what is the secret sauce. What makes a bug a bug and what are the advantages?

What makes bug so desirable? ... hmm... it's the same reason I want a Fenix modular. Because I can't get one and they sound good.
See Wiard sounds great too, with a lot of functionality, great design... but I can easily get one so I'm not going nuts about it.
That's my theory.

gear lust.

bar|none wrote:

This maybe an unfair question, but what is the secret sauce. What makes a bug a bug and what are the advantages?


Simple... It's a BugBrand Modular! we're not worthy we're not worthy
That was excellent - the Bugs rip! w00t w00t
Lovely formant tones in there - Nice
Beautiful sounds Low-Gain, love it. And thanks for the patch pic as well!
Loving this nanners nanners nanners

Hope to see it in person soon.....
Nice Low Gain!

Sunspots - For me the Bug modular has a lot of advantages over other systems (I've had 3 other formats before) here are just a few of my reasons

1. The zen like simplicity that seems to bridge the gap between usefulness and usability without sacrificing either, Tom don't do whizzbangbollocklickers or phantom gravity reversers, generally Bug modules are not touted as multi function - but they are multi functional when used in the context of the system, it is a clever concept - a modular modular.

2. Amazing Sound quality - Not the most pristine, no sterile lab grade boredom here, but bags of character and liveliness, and more sweet spots than a giant donut with sprinkles. Not lo-fi unless you want it to be. I realise sound is a personal choice but I have yet to hear of anyone complaining about their Bugmodular.

3. Design - Great build quality, looks, uniformity, reliability, Tom is a craftsman not a manufacturer, and I don't think he realises yet but he can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with Buchla, Serge, Moog, Wiard, EMS etc.

4. The relationship with his customers - unparalleled.

5. A Bugmodular is a pleasure to own and use, I really like the fact it is a 'closed' system with its own standards, the focus is on building an instrument and not a GAS driven cattle market where modules are swapped out like pokemon cards. That is not to say integration with other systems is difficult, but because of the great line up of modules, not a necessity.

There are lots more, but for me those are some of the key reasons.
^ Amen! Guinness ftw!
fat as a very fat thing after a bag of doughnuts Mr Low-Gain thumbs up
cool bug crusher sounds.

well put darenager! (though I have no issues with pokemon)
the bug modular is unreal we're not worthy
Thanks for the kind words guys! SlayerBadger! Guinness ftw! thumbs up
I'm loving the system and can't wait to expand!
Great sounds as usual! The systems looks (and sounds) really like a lot of fun. Keep 'em coming. Been loving the videos you did as well. we're not worthy
Thanks Bodo!

More videos coming soon! I just got new video editing software so I hope to put some fancier videos together. the Euro system is currently been liquidated a bit to pay for the bug system, so i havent' been feeling inspired to put it back together. (laughs) Bug has taken me over!! BugJam Video's coming soons! smile
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