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BugMod Daydream/Wishlist Thread!
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Author BugMod Daydream/Wishlist Thread!
As if Tom wasn't bombarded with our feedback enough... I thought we could use a sound off thread for modules that would be of elegant complement to the existing range. I'll start!

- DD module: a white/pink noise gen / simple S&H with a manual momentary sample button

- DD module: a basic quantizer with a -/+ 1-octave comparator input / analog shift register underneath it, or some interesting gate outputs

- A 'colored' mixer ala Moog CP3 for waveform discipline

- A cv-controlled crossover and/or 3-band EQ

It's peanut butter jelly time!
jeez thanks for making me feel like a creep!

Dead Banana
^ Hah!

Sorry I meant to add mine yesterday and forgot. essentially I want it all, though high on my list are:

frequency shifter
spring reverb (PT delay styel box or module... Im not fussy!)
bug uber oscilator.

I also want all the stuff that is out already that I dont have yet... twice!
1. VU Meter Module!

2. Dedicated touch plate controller...ala touch plates on CNTL1 but BIGGER and suitable for 10 fingers..or more? 8_)

3. +100 on some sort of mega Oscillator (i assume this may be the quadrature osc in development?)
^ VU meter would be great
my list:

1. Noise

2. Sequential switch

3. Pan/X-fade (guess linear would be nice)

4. anything

I agree with most of your suggestions, but these are more needed in *my* setup.
I'd really like an analogue through zero osc.
IMO, the Teezer is so perfect there is no need for another. (Haven't had the time to build it yet though...)
^ oh man. Yes. I forgot about noise....... NOISE
yes, anadeji, ASR's are so fun to use. Perfect for a half panel, as you only need like 6 jacks. I'd buy one.
...Or, a dual ASR eek! w00t
Ive always wanted an ASR in euro but have never found one. Im in for that!

Id also like some switching, preferably of the uber switching type... ie hex zone.
For me




Seq switch

FSR plates

More VCO types

Another type of filter, maybe something weird like a switched capacitor design or diode ladder with Tom's spin on it, or something with switchable poles.

Quad decay

Trigger/gate modifiers

Comp/env follower

More performance based modules
Noise is definitely the biggest hole at present..

Though there are still a few modules that need to be brought back into production as Rev.2 versions.

Env.Follow - another that'd be damn useful.

Actually, virtually all of these ideas have passed through my buggy brain and met with good approval. Will they come anytime soon - who knows (certainly not me!).

"Well, you can't stop progress"
Ah! Good old Raymond Scott. That's a classic!
Yeah - absolutely - I'd never actually seen the advert before.
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