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How Things Roll - a practice recorded
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Author How Things Roll - a practice recorded
As always, a little bit warty, sometimes out of tune. Wandering for 30minutes.

But this is a true picture of one of the myriad routes the machine can take - this one using the 2Frame Shallow setup I've had going for the last couple of months. Beginning with nothing patched in and seeing where the routes will lead.

I haven't been recording much lately (simply happy to enjoy the moment) but used a roughly placed stereo pair to record as I played last night. Sirens and coughs spill in. I did a quick bit of EQ/Comp processing on the file - zero edits other than that.

GREAT JAM!! Lovely clicks, clangs and hums. Enjoyed the whole thing.
Thanks for sharing, Tom Guinness ftw!

reminded me of early Cabaret Voltaire. Indeed a very good thing in my book.
and I liked when the environment sneaked into the recording here and there...
Seriously great sound and patching. I also love the 11:40 on as well. thumbs up
very cool sounding stuff.
Thanks all!
Haha, listening back again I was certainly pushing / exploring quite a lot.
I did do another piece which was also fun, but initial listenings didn't sound so great - I was experimenting a bit more with ideas on how I would collaborate with the guys I'll be playing with in Berlin - ie. getting a bit more spacious, perhaps getting a bit droney (particularly for Friday night with Hilary Jeffery)
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