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Blue Lantern Modules----Experiences???
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Author Blue Lantern Modules----Experiences???
Kendall Station
Hey Wigglers just wondering if any of you cats have tried out any of the Blue Lantern modules....they look neat enough just don't like the "no returns" policy...
they are okay grin i got a skew lfo from them

the sizing is a bit off imo but with a bit of sanding down or movement they sit fine 8_)
great builder cheap and aggressive stuff.
I never even heard of Blue Lantern modules? Can someone point me to more information?
here you go not to sure what use this website is

he has an ebay store and provides a website link go look grin
i have his midi/cv module and one of his vco modules. very nice stuff.
Thinking of getting a filter too.
I'll try to upload some video of a 3u system I bought from him off ebay a while back. I'm probably going to try to sell some or all of it because I've totally run out of room for them, but it's all solid stuff. It's true that the panels are ever so slightly too long for at least my doepfer p6s, but sanding off the top works fine.
got a great early ARP filter from him. primo.
yup ebay cigarbox techno dance chicano LA uber-dude who makes one off synth bits on custom pcbs.
Got a CV Joystick from him, works well, The panels are crap but you cant really beat the prices. He used to have a website but I guess he had some legal issues a lil while ago. You know cuz of "cloning" stuff.
Blue Lantern
Here is my website.
I just made some Diode VCF's this weekend. I need to update the site to show the new ones. It uses a 10 stage Diode Ladder. It blows away most Diode Ladders out there. I am using a pro panel too. It is one step up from the ghetto panels I have been using. More to come.
I"ve got a couple red 6hp vco's and a polivoks filter that I'm very happy with. The only slightly odd thing I've noticed is that the pwm inputs on the vcos like a bit of amplification. Tracking is pretty good and seems to be accurate for around 4 octaves.
computer controlled
Really tempted by the new Diode Ladder VCFs.
Have built both his polivoks filter and the nasal filter. Nice stuff with lot's of character. twisted
And the resonance can bite your head off! Dead Banana
The new front plates look really good as well. Maybe i should try to retrofit one of those to mine...
Definitely a few days late with this, but here is a demonstration of the 3u Blue Lantern system I purchased. Follow the soundcloud link to see a basic rundown of what's going on in the demo.

Bear in mind that this was advertised as a demo of these modules that were originally for his own personal use, so they might not be absolutely identical to the same modules if you were to purchase them individually.


the new filter sounds awesome. i just got my system and i already want more lol.
Blue Lantern
chvad wrote:
the new filter sounds awesome. i just got my system and i already want more lol.

The Audio I have at the site is not showing any justice of what the Diode VCF can do. I need to get my shit recorded! I will update the audio ASAP. I have too. I will dedicate Oct. 12, 2011 on doing so. Stay tuned.
looking forward to it! SlayerBadger!
any luck on the recordings?
the midi to cv module looks really class - packed with features!!!

the joystick module looks really cool as well:)
any luck on the recordings?

it's online[/quote]
says their from 8 months ago?
jurgen karg
just picked up the 10 stage diode vcf two days ago. i'm REALLY enjoying it!
Blue Lantern
I made some new recordings showing of the Screech.
CHeck them out here:

Sounds well mental. How the best way to go about getting one of these. Direct?
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