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Bookmark This: In case the forum is down
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Author Bookmark This: In case the forum is down
Muff Wiggler
Brandon Daniel performed a wonderful service while the forum was down - he set up a 'contingency forum' where we can at least provide people with updates in case of a future outage here at Muff's

So please bookmark this page:

If there is ever a major issue or a prolonged downtime again, I will update at Brandon's contingency forum so that you'll at least have some clue what's going on and what to expect.

I don't plan to EVER have another outage like that again, but just in case I'm glad to know there's an easy way for us all to keep in touch.

Additionally I'm pretty Twitter addicted, so you can also always get real-time status updates on my Twitter page:

Also want to thank sandyb and parasitk, who were both extremely helpful spreading the word while the forum was down. Really appreciate it guys, yet another reminder of what an amazing community we have here.

Finally, yet another apology to you all for that crazy outage, and a huge thanks to you ALL for being so cool and patient, and so dedicated to this forum that you didn't pack up and take your synth lust elsewhere. You guys are the best and the reason why this is my favorite place on the whole internet.

MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Announcements - Please read!  
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