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BugBrand and Garrahand (metal tongue drum)
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Author BugBrand and Garrahand (metal tongue drum)
Quick recording from some messing about today. Jus' Fo' Fun
(DISCLAIMER - Recorded live no edits)
The recording is bad, I have noise floor issues!!

I wish I had a looper, next on the list after some recording stuff.

Drums are BugBrand (a single SV filter being freeqed by a SEQ1 and E350)
Garrahand is doing the Vibey type sounds. Processed it through the BugBrand modualr to get the tremolo effect.


Really really nice, looking foreward to hear more - bet the Garrahand would sound nice through the wavefolder.

Top It's peanut butter jelly time!
darenager wrote:

Absolutely - I always love the grooves that come from the Mr.P.

Looper - you may be interested to try the Eventide TimeFactor - lovely delay plus quite a cool looper (not personally used it enough yet). The only problem is that I often want delay + looper (ie. two boxes required!).
Things like the Boomerang may be interesting too - I remember seeing a not-too-old version for sale here a few months back for a very reasonable/tempting price.
Loopy2 on ipad is meant to be good, you'd most likely need an audio input device though to get the best from it. Thinking you'd want something with multiple tracks and each of a different length?

I had an EH2880, great unit but all loops had to be same length so I moved it on.
Wow - I really enjoyed that . . . excellent tune @dan_p 8_) love
Nelson Baboon
My double garrahand arrives today. While I eventually will drag out my boomerang (it's been sitting in corner since I got it), my intent is to use it with the rather insane loopers in the ciat-lonbarde coco instruments. We'll see how that works...
Very nice, Dan. Me like!
Hey, thanks guys. Means a lot (been racked off with everything lately)
Guinness ftw!

Can't wait to hear em through the ciat-lonbarde stuff Mr B.

As Daren suggests above, it is good fun with a wavefolder, here's a quick jam I just recorded with it going through the aforementioned wavefolder and some other Bug friends.

^ Outstanding applause

Aphex Dan!

Really great, crusher next?! Hmm bet that would FM a VCO nice too, lovely rich tone - how you liking it BTW?
^ yeah it loves the crusher. Thets a bit of crusher after one of the delays in tue recording. Was great ringmodded too. My favourite so far though was it feeding 3 sv filters which were FM'ing each other, kind of a resonator neuronium idea, it sounded ace but no recording, i'l have to set it up again.

So far I love the Garrahand, with the inbuilt mic its just so easy, sounds pretty good too though I would like a preamp for the lunchbox to run it through, and maybe an eq too.
Wonderful sounds applause
that 2nd recording is really nice
Cheers Dan, for making my steel drum GAS even worse lol
Guinness ftw!
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