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Blacet Mixer/Processor problem
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Author Blacet Mixer/Processor problem
I've had the same issue with two of my three mixer/processor modules. The other night during a gig I was using the bias control of the D output to change octaves on a Blacet VCO. During the first song I noticed odd notes would drop down an octave (without touching the bias control). By the third song it had fully shifted an octave lower than where it should have been, and the green light was on solid when the bias was at center detent position. This was a real problem for the main sequence of the next song, as it was already programmed to play in a low register (via Hex Zone), so shifted another octave lower pitch was becoming difficult to discern!

The next day at home I unscrewed the module from the rack while it was powered up, and noticed that by jiggling the PCB I was able to get the bias to jump around all over the place. I eventually managed to get it to settle back to where it should be (i.e. neither the green or red light on at all when centered). It seemed to be particularly sensitive in the area where the power connects to the board. I had a similar issue with another mixer/processor module a little while back, but not nearly as much of a fluctuation in voltage that time.

Both modules seem to be stable again now, but certainly worried that the problem will occur again sometime after I move the rack case or something. Anyone else had similar issues with this module?
Sounds like a bad (cold) solder joint. These tend to show up as intermittents and when you wiggle the pcb. Best thing to do is get a good magnifier and look for any odd looking solder joints.
Cold joint sounds right.

I shouldn't be talking, I built one yesterday and i cant get it to pass signal or output offset. The bias pots and leds look good and no electronic smell but i've got some troubleshooting to do waah

EDIT: Fixed mine hyper
Thanks guys - might have to get the magnifying glass out!
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