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R54 and silent way. I will not give up.
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Author R54 and silent way. I will not give up.
I know it's another thread about it.

Since we know that the tuning range for the 54 is "restricted", would it possible for the plugin to restrict its range when trying to tune?

It sounds like, when tuning an oscillator the plugin is sweeping a -10 to +10 (or 15, don't know..) range.
If I do a CV sweep on the R54 with an offset generator from 0 to 5V, it sounds that it would be kind of more tunable.
Anyway to modify the plugin for it to gently and slowly concentrate only on a certain voltage range?


Edit: when I use the SW DC offset plug, I get something like an E/F0 at 0.135 (is that Volts?), and A5/C6 around 0.320; this being measured with the tuning of the 54 @3pm, as well as the res.
I know that it's going to be nothing like linear in between these 2 values, but 2 proper octave would be swell.. like Eleanor.
You can use the Voice Controller's Output Matrix to adjust the range and offset of the generated pitch CV.

Remember to use Hz/V calibration for the R-54.
You crafty, crafty, crafty man!!!

Thanks so much.

In the output matrix, I didn't realize the pitch factor was scaling the CV.

So, set at 0.05 or 0.06 I get over 4 octaves!
Which tell us that, the ferrari yellow appearance of the module is just its macho-man outfit. Underneath, it's a very sensitive little module.

It's not perfect on the edges, but around C4/A4, it's totally playable.

Do we get to see/hear it?
Here we go.
Sound is shit, and I still think that loosing our tail, that could be useful to hold cameras, has been a disgrace of primate evolution.

But the proof of concept is there:

Cool, thanks.
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