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New Pencil Fields concert video
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Author New Pencil Fields concert video

Someone filmed parts of my performance last night at the opening of the VARIA Improvisation Festival. So, this is an improvisation. Also the patching is improvised, i.e., I sort of threw it together just before the show, to make it different each time.

For those who haven't seen this before, a short explanation: I create a 2D voltage field in the pencil marks on the paper with two movable electrodes. Then I tap various control voltages with other electrodes, which are fed into a large number of points in the bugbrand. All playing is done with these electrodes, which are made from stacks of old Swedish coins.

More is explained in this thread:

In the front is one of the new shallow Bugbrand frames, the same I brought on the Japan tour a couple of weeks ago, but with some modules exchanged. For example, I managed to make the E350 shallow enough to fit.

This particular patch contains four separate sounding structures, and the electrodes that tap CV voltages from the pencil field are routed to all these at once. That is, each electrode controls many parameters simultaneously. The sounding structures are routed separately to an external little mixer, and I sometimes change which structures are heard. Sometimes just one, sometimes two, in the end all four at the same time (but I'm not sure this is in the video).

The four sounding structures are:

* Two intermodulating (FM) saw oscillators into a wavefolder.
* PT Delay feedback loop through an SV Filter, gated by a looped env/LPG.
* Weevil rev.2 through a bandpass SV filter through looped env/LPG.
* E350 through something (don't remember, actually, possibly an LPG).


i have much to learn from the master we're not worthy.

and I need to get some video. too bad super 8 isn't around anymore.
That was stunning - and very wonderful! Thank you for sharing your work - very inspiring we're not worthy
Wow! That's beautiful!
always stellar
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