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How do you use your Double Andore
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Author How do you use your Double Andore
would be really great to see some examples , since there is no manual and just couple of youtube videos .

would be great
"Classic" env/vca duties for basslines etc


Total FSU. Feeding it back to itself, adding lots of CV... fantastic mutations of sound that is not possible with other devices for sure...

No audio/video at the moment to share I am afraid, but in conclusion it is a very versatile module for both standard and experimental use.

Now move the thread to the right subforum!
yea you might get some more responses in the Harvestman subforum. But... I second what Nordvargr has said. My system is very small (Hertz Donut, Double Andore, Triple Wave Folder, a-119 and expo mixer) so mine gets used alot in the classic envelope and vca route; gives me two oscs two envelopes and two vcas.

Where the DA really shines I think is in the feedback capabilities. It's super fun to take the envelope outs from one side and patch into the top section cv in's of the other envelope. Creates some super glitched out envelopes and random chaotic sounds. And then the two mixed outputs, one for the collective vca signals and the other as a dominant envelope output produce some really engaging and interesting results. I also take the envelope trigger outputs as well as the straight vca outputs into the cv on the TWF and it gets some fantastic results. Although I've realized that this works best when using the linear vca from the DA.

Of course it can be used for milder type applications but it's different from Maths because of the 16 different envelope waveforms - it has more of a distinct identity because of that I think, than the more open ended AD or ASD possibilities of Maths. (but I can't really compare the two that well because I don't have a Maths nor have I used one).

The full potential of this thing is nowhere near realized and will only reveal itself as I add more to my system... more control capabilites, more oscillators, quantizer, clocks, filter. But in a small system it really dominates my patch routing and is usually the module which I focus on the most.

Hope that helps some. I'm going to try and do some videos of some basic applications as well as more complex ones but I need to get some more patch cables LOL.
Randomesque Hihat/snare hits:

Noise source into DA's right channel VCA
right channel VCA out to a filter (boogie is good)
DA left channel envelope out controls filter freq CV

Two different SCM outputs into the DA trigger jacks

Slower RCD in gate mode into left multi-use jack on DA. Select to control Decay+Waveshape

Set both channels to sharp attack and slightly less sharp decay

Right channel envelope out patched to left channel VCA input. VCA output to control right channel multi-use jack (select Decay+wave with the button)

Played with Ctl and Mix for both VCAs

On the following audio sample I also added a kick drum to keep da beat!

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