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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

Ummmm PortaCase? <3
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Author Ummmm PortaCase? <3
parasitk dules.html

Please tell us more! love love love
mmmm delicious bug pron! Lotsa Love
Seriously. I might have to rob and/or kill someone to make sure I can get in on a system in this case. :gun:
Yeah, that thing is the straight-up pr0no-show.

I hope that the Power Link moves to the side along with the IEC connector. If possible...

nothing to see here
Is that because I've got you on ignore?
Audio Resistance
Tom seriously, let us throw money at you. This 12 initial modular systems is pure torture.
Thanks guys! I'll post up some more details later (just very busy packing & shipping things today).

No way will I let you throw money at me! I know that some users are happy with pre-pay and that it works well for some manufacturers, but I have no real desire to try it out! My view has always been - only sell that which physically exists and is ready to ship straight away (common sense?!).

Cheers for now, Tom
It will always say "sold out" on all the modules at the site and I will never get to own bugbrand stuff. I'm learning to deal with it one day at a time.
tragedybysyntax wrote:
It will always say "sold out" on all the modules at the site and I will never get to own bugbrand stuff. I'm learning to deal with it one day at a time.

same here......
Well I - as I'm sure others here - have put myself forward to be in the next 12, or the 12 after that, or whenever.

Damn I hope it's sooner rather than later.
I tried as well but never heard anymore about it so I guess I wasnt included. Seems like he didnt want to sell to americans or something, jk. lol.
Some details:

This is a prototype unit for a small batch of PortaCases I shall be building over the next few months. I'll say straight out that most likely these won't become 'available' as they're primarily for a few of the initial 12 system users. It is quite a DIY / hacky approach to a portable case.

I have used a widely available tool case (not expensive, not very strong..) with quite a lot of modifications. I removed the original hinges and added side mounted clasps so that the lid is totally removable (that is essential!). I then had to add a couple of pieces of wood to fill in the side space to make the two rack enclosures fit snuggly. And then the space at the bottom has a panel for power and utility - PSU, multiples (1/4" to banana), preamp and output mixer (inc. headphone amp). The panel on this proto was just roughly DIYed using plexi-glass and sticky printed silver stuff - the production will use the regular PCB material like the front panels.

And, yes!, the power connector WILL be moving to the side -- I should have realised before that the cable would be right in the way of the playing..

Overall - so we get a very compact system. I opted for quite a lightweight case - we discussed quite a few options -> standard rack cases can be too heavy and often are a bit wasteful of space. While these tool cases are of pretty lightweight construction, the addition of the rack enclosures etc makes the resulting body much more sturdy.

I'll try to do some more pics sometime soon alright!

** **
Just to say again my sort of status on 'availability' -> I'm not promising any further systems to anyone as of yet, just collecting names on a mailing list of people interested. Until I've completed the initial 12 systems I won't really begin considering future works - this is still going to take a few months more (partly as there's quite a lot of development alongside the first wave building).
I fully understand and support you ethos on system building.

Just want one wink
I'm the same way! I just want one, lol. It gives me time to save my pennies tho.. kinda in debt for a bit with recent modular purchases so...... in the next year or so maybe i'll get lucky. Thanks TOm, YOU THE MAN!!!
I can assure you ...the power of the bug modular is residing stateside...Minneapolis actually. The last power up shook the ground so much I don't have to turn the dirt in the veggie gardens out back now that spring is here.
Oooh Oooh NICE!
Minnesota, howdy neighbor! screaming goo yo

very nice indeed
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